Where inline/queue I am?

Since I hang almost all the time around this forum I realize that I really, really look forward to receive my Glowfrog - er Glowforge. I wonder where in line/queue I am? It would be nice if @Glowforge could put a checker up: enter the Mail address and voila we’ll get a rough delivery estimate or a "you are the ___ inline/cue"
I suspect that I am quite behind everybody else since I found the Glowfrog quite late, unfortunately :cry:

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Know what you mean, would be really nice to have at least a rough idea where inline/cue I am so I know how long to be giddy with excitement before I’m able to (finally) use the glowforge. :slightly_smiling:



People have asked, but there has been no official information given on line/queue/order number. However, some clever people on the forum (@takitus) noticed something.


So, if you haven’t cleared your browser history, that might be there.

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If you’ve cleared your browser history, go into that shipping thread anyways. Some people posted their # and order date - see if there anyone ordered close to when you did.

It’s an older thread so you may have ordered since it was started. But maybe mention of it here will spark some activity there.

Dan has said though that while he likes the idea of a queue indicator, making one would take resources away from making our Glowforges, and that is priority #1 for them.

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i’m right there with you buddy :slight_smile: stragglers - unite!

Likewise. I didn’t even know about the Glowforge until a YouTube commercial popped up in mid-November. I was totally taken, and purchased within a day. So I guess advertising does pay.

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It’s true, I actually think I did the same thing. I was so impressed that I didn’t even bother researching referral links. I said “I want the pro. I gets, I gets”. lol. aaaaaaaand now I can’t afford any of my other impulsive desires (which I can live with ) :wink:

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Not sure of the revelance of the order cue.
It is all an evolution, but I recall reading that if your order was before a certain date it would be shiped by “X”.

Then I read that it hasn’t been decided which model would be produced first, so it seems the order cue is irrelevant.
It makes sense to tool for one and produce all of those before retooling to do the other model.

I do know the team is doing their level best, and that is all we can ask.

At first Dan wasn’t sure if one model would trail the other one, but then he clarified that they would indeed be produced concurrently. But it will arrive when it arrives.

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Actually he clarified that they could be assembled simultaneously on the production line. In other words there is enough throughput. Not that they will be produced at the same time. Lots of other variables will determine that.

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I bought in at the $9.8 million mark. Should be in the first third I would guess.

For those of you later in the queue I wouldn’t sweat it as @rpegg said I’m sure once production ramps up they’ll be pumping them out pretty quickly. For example those that ordered two months after the crowdfunding closed I would be very surprised if they shipped more than one month later than first ones off the line. The other advantage is you won’t be getting the first ones off the line. Some days I think not being so close to the front may be a good thing … but today isn’t one of those days … so no I won’t switch… :grin:


This should go in the mascot thread!

(so the following is translated from (swiss-)german - hope my translation will be understandable - and I write it with a big grin on my face, ok?)
yeeah - your are absolutly right - but now shout up! :smile:

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oh - you are soooooo mean :wink:
what a bunch of grown up we are! Waiting like childern for christmas eve - tsss…
heck and then I think: actually this is a good thing - that some of us still like this:blush:


Well if there’s any relationship to the amount of funding Glowforge received and position in line, then I’m pretty close to the middle. But it also sounds like a lot of really active users went ahead with the Pro model, when I just stuck to the base model, and I didn’t get the filter add-on. So I like to think I’m ahead of the curve, then. :slight_smile: