Where is the manual PDF again? I need to make sure I'm doing any maintenance

my Glowforge seems to be acting a bit off, I’ve used it for many hours, I think it’s time to do a clean of the laser, and yet, with all this great information in the forum, I cannot find the likely logical location where the manual is :slight_smile: .

Can someone kindly point me to where the instruction manual is so I can do a quick clean of my laser and make sure it just needs a clean and not more significant issues.

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Though, according the disclaimer:

“Below is a version of the Glowforge user manual provided for reference. It may not be the correct version of the manual for the unit you received, and may be out of date. Do not rely on the information in the manual below for correct and safe operation of your Glowforge; instead, use the version of the manual provided to you by Glowforge support.”

You may want to avoid using that manual, and wait for support to respond and provide you a copy.

If you click on the word Support in the top row of the app, it takes you to the Cleaning instructions, along with other handy tips:



Thanks for the answer @Jules, that’s right.

@lindseyralston Thanks for asking about this!

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