Where to buy glitter acrylic?

I’m looking for some sheets of multi colored glitter acrylic to cut for a project for a friend of mine. I found some on instructables, but it’s almost $60 a piece! That’s way out of my price range for this. I’ve been googling around, but what I’m finding is either coming from outside of the US (probably wouldn’t get here soon enough) or isn’t the multicolor that she’s wanting. OR I don’t know if it’s laser-able. Anyone have a suggestion for a place I might be able to find some?? Please and thank you!


Maybe there’s a store local to you? (We have Ridout Plastic in San Diego.)

Inventables: https://www.inventables.com/categories/materials/acrylic?utf8=✓&selected_filters[Effect][]=Glitter

Yes, this is what I was referring to in the original post. That’s exactly what I am looking for, but the larger sheet (which is the size I need) is the one that’s almost $60.

The standard acrylic sources are

estreet plastics
johnson plastics
canal plastics
professional plastics

No idea if any of them have multicolor.


And here’s this before you ask for settings:


backup option:

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I have been going to Delvie’s (when they have what I am needing). Prices are more reasonable than most other spots and shipping package is tidy.
They have a glitter, not sure it is the one you are seeking.
Stuff is apparently expensive, as you have already noticed.


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I tried a piece of gold glitter from inventables and the glitter pieces were quite large and were almost laser proof so the only good I have gotten from it is as a background for photography of small pieces.

Thank you all for your help!

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