Where to buy materials in New York?

Hello one and all!

I’m from over the pond (like a visiting duck) and will be on holiday in New York from Monday to Sunday this week.

I ordered a Glowforge many moons ago (exciting) but it’s not due to arrive until next year (hello Tantalus). Buying materials in the UK appears challenging (although this link has some helpful suggestions - Material Availability in the UK ).

So my question is - are there any retail places in New York where you can look at and buy materials in store? What are people’s recommendations? The only limit is my suitcase. And pocket.

Thanks in advance,



Weight restrictions, make sure you have none of those pesky things! If none, I would get a box and FILL it up, TAPE it up, rope tie the HECK out of it, paint it fluorescent orange and send it on the plane!

…but that is just me.


Check out this thread! Lots of good options there!


Yeah, Canal Plastics would be an option in Manhattan. Located on Canal street pretty close to Broadway. I can’t think of why you’d want to buy here are schlep it back to UK though. As for places with veneers and plywood, nothing off the top of my head. My plan was always to order it.

Should we assume you mean New York City? (it is a big state)




Thanks everyone for your replies!

positiveforward - I was schlepping wedding gifts in one direction, so have quite a bit of space in the one suitcase I’m permitted. Were I to use a florescent box the checking-in staff might notice it and say no; a camouflaged box might work better.

Joe + choughton - thanks for the suggestion - I will check out Canal Plastics. I think shipping costs are quite high, so I want to look at and buy samples of things I might find interesting.

jkopel - Indeed, I did mean New York City of New York State. Not the whole state. Although I’d you know of a good wing walking place in New York State I’d be very interested. They all seem to be on the West Coast.

Can’t figure out what this meant. Was it autocorrect? What is a wing walking place?



You made me re-look at the previous posts just to make sure I didn’t miss a reference to a troupe of barnstormers. One of these days I’ll learn.


Rpegg / jbmanning5 - that’s the stuff!