Where to buy rose gold acrylic?

Thank you! This will be helpful, especially as all I seek to do is cut shapes from the mirrored acrylic. I’m hoping there won’t be any deformities as a result!

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There are competing theories about mirrored acrylic. I like to cut mine with the mirror on the top surface, so like from the “back”. I mask the “front” side, meaning the side that is down touching the honeycomb, to prevent flashback.

If you’re planning to engrave words and want to do the same, remember to flip the artwork first.

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I see, that makes sense! Could any good come from masking both sides of it just to be extra safe, or would that be a waste?

Couldn’t hurt to mask both sides. Might protect the mirror layer to some small degree.

If you don’t have any masking yet, I’d try to get some proper medium or low tack stuff before you get started. Blue tape etc will grab very hard to the smooth acrylic surface.


Canal Plastics has Mirrored Rose Gold and a TON of beautiful other types. Caveat - I am a new GFer and not nearly as experienced as the folks on these boards. I thought it was me but I just tried to do some detailed earrings (the art decco ones from the free boards) and it looks like hot garbage! A lot melted. SO far I have only printed a heart with a name etched on it - it didn’t position correctly on the GF which was weird and I had taken the coating off so I got pretty wicked “acrylic brushing” which kept it from looking perfect, but the material was so beautiful! I’m really eager to play around with the setting to learn more! Advice gladly welcomed!!!

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Hi! Was it nice to cut thru? Trying to find good acrylic to purchase but don’t know where from. Im looking at Delvies but wanted to know if someone has tried it before I purchase them

This sounds promising! Let me know, I would be interested

Cerulean Tides sell Rose Gold acrylic. However it is not mirrored.