Where to find Masking Material in Europe?

Hello creators, I am very new here. I would like to get some “masks” / “tapes” to protect wood while engraving and cutting (plywood for example). I have been through some of the topics here but most of the advices were related to suppliers that don’t ship to Europe (signwarehouse for example), or some sold out / out of stock products on amazon.

Any advices on which one works well and where I can find it as a European please ? :slight_smile:

Hmm I feel like this came up recently about the UK, which of course is not quite Europe anymore (different topic but Ugh)

Let’s see.

You probably saw this?

Maybe @Franziska.Jentzsch found some?

European material suppliers - #14 by Franziska.Jentzsch

I googled a bit and found these dudes:


They have high tack r tape. I might keep looking for medium tack but that’s your call.

Found by googling “sign supplier Europe”


Anyway that should give you a good start. I might also call local vinyl or sign shops and ask if they sell it.


Thank you very much for the advices and the time you spent for this topic.
The .uk link you sent me don’t ship to France unfortunately.

There are certainly some french suppliers but I can’t make a difference between a good or bad mask since the recommended products where all not available for me. Is there a recommended brand ? Or product name (for tapes) that i can maybe find everywhere ?

Transparent should not be used but paper.
There are different qualities of adhesive, from stronger to lighter, the medium is perhaps a good compromise.
Oracal is a recognized brand and easily found in Europe.

Just my two cents.


Great thank you ! I just checked their website and found some interesting products. Have you ever bought from them ? Any specific product you would recommend ?
Thanks for the tips as well !

A little googling yielded theses guys:


Googling for transfer tape suppliers or local sign shops is going to be the best way.

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Glad to be helpful.
I’ve never bought them, I know them from acquaintances who work in the world of signage.
Find a dealer nearby and make sure they guide you.

We have a number of active members in EU, one of them might have a suggestion if you’re not able to find something via google search.

Yeah, have just ordered on a website but seems it may be a scam after i ordered…
So for now haven’t found anything but will continue to look for advices and other websites

As for what types have done well for people:

People talk about what brands they like here.

Okey so I finally got one for my country (France). It’s a SignFilm company based in Netherland. They ship to France so I imagine that they ship through all Europe but haven’t checked.
I find it quite expensive (shipping cost + taxes) and the customer service is in english but it’s a good alternative for now.

Speaking about local places I haven’t find any (I didn’t look that much and went to the biggest one which are generalists in hand craft and not specialists in masking).

The good thing is that I found there the R Tape many people recommended :

Hope it helps :slight_smile:


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