Where to setup

I am just curious where has everyone setup their laser

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Mine’s on the other side of the office. :grinning:

Middle of my living room. Didn’t have space in my office.

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Guest bedroom here.

Downstairs office.

My makers lair. Once a bedroom.


Me too. Right in the front living room as you walk in the front door. It was suppose to be temporary, but the venting is good where it’s at and hubby said it was pretty enough to stay :heart:

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Unfinished basement. It’s cool down there even in the hottest part of summer. So far no under-temp warnings.

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Are you guys venting out the window if so how do you have it attached

Celotex and a tomato can.


I admire the resourcefulness. :sunglasses: Thanks for the laugh!


Our crafting room, I have half & my wife has the other half. She makes jewelry & quilts & I dabble in everything else.

Yeah, we took a pane of glass out of the window and replaced it with a pane of acrylic with a hole in it and a Quick-Connect. Pretty tight little setup, if not the most attractive. (So we hid it low, behind the decorative shrubs.) :smile:



The laundry room, which is where I keep my security camera NVR, Unix server, laser cutter, and vinyl cutter. And a beer fermentation fridge. And an aquarium. Obviously.


Pillow :laughing:

Which reminds me, I should probably work on that.


Going to put it in my upstairs office, at least until the air filter comes in. Upstairs is staying relatively cool even in the summer now, and my router is upstairs. Just need to measure to make sure I can fit one of my tables near the window.

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I use a magvent to pass through a screen on my sliding glass door.

I live in a 1.5 (bedroom + half-den) condo. Normally I’d try to put the Glowforge in the den, but it’s already pretty packed with three computers, two racks of storage containers with various electronic parts, etc.

So my Glowforge is sitting in the living room right beside the patio door. So far it’s been a mild winter, so I’ve been able to just toss the hose out the door, but I’ve got a wood plank I’m going to put a dryer vent through for when daily averages drop below freezing.

In the spare bedroom with venting out a window. I made two plywood boxes to fit tightly on the grooves of the window with a blast gate from Rockler so I can keep everything connected.