Pre-Release Glowforge: delivery, unboxing, setup, first prints! :glowforge:

Back from hospital. Here are some quick dimension pics and quick exhaust set to prepare to mount print head and get to it.
Got to start new reply. IPhone stuck in upload loop\\\\\\\\\\\ :cat: paws. Ok. Solution is reboot iPhone.

Bottom runner positions. Sorry for lighting. Have fun parsing them.

15 minute exhaust setup. Scrounged cellotex from parishioner. First layer just to get done. Have more to put in and then tape up.

Cut other end off a 32 oz. can of whole tomatoes. 4" exactly.

Punch hole in cellotex

Connect hose.

Connect Glowforge.

Proceed to setup. But last pic is foam packing harness.

Ok. Now to setup. Will video and post to YouTube. Thanks for your support.

Edit: cat very happy I’m home early. Will have to move him.