Where will the path first appear in the Glowforge interface?



I’m curious as to where the path first appears on the Glowforge bed? I would assume in the center or something? Having it consistent would be helpful for making jigs or material holders for cutting the same thing. :slight_smile:


If its anything like my laser…it depends on the order of how its drawn…


Good question, and I don’t remember the answer offhand. Could you describe what you’d like to do? That’s helpful for @Tony as he’s thinking about the right behaviors.


Being a CAD guy, working from a 0,0 origin is pretty much standard practice no matter which field you’re in.


In videos, it shows the design drop into the top left corner.


At 27:08 @dan states objects can be 2.5" deep. But this , posted just last month, says 2.0". Which is correct?


That was an error. The specs page is correct. https://glowforge.com/tech-specs/




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