Where's my file

Well this is new one of many. Opened file in Glowforge software and the image shows up in the left list to program the machine but it doesn’t show up on the camera image for the machine.

Where’s my file. Opened this up many times. Restarted Safari, restarted my iMac. File is still not there.

Speed of connection is fine.

It’s likely off to one of the sides. Click Ctl/Cmd + a - it should create a box around anything there, and then you can drag the box to your work area.

Also, for future reference, the speed of your connection doesn’t matter to the :glowforge: - it’s the stability. There’s no “buffering” in the laser so if it drops a packet then it’s gone and it has to start again from the beginning.

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Isn’t it right between the circle images?

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I think that’s a previous run

Previous test. My file should be highlighted red and somewhere in the camera view window.

So sick of this online software.

You are right. I think it is hard to set up jobs sometimes when the machine is offline and just showing the last image.


That’s why I adore the new colouring - I’m not looking for grey I’m looking for red dotted lines.


Hey!, here’s something not surprising for the past 5 minutes.

Try using your phone as a hot spot.

Zoom out and you should find it. I don’t know what software you use to create with but I do know with inkscape if you design outside the art box it will appear off to the side when you import it into the GF.

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Why. I have 220+ download and 11+download.

Been there done that. Now what?

That has little to do with it. GF needs a stable signal, not necessarily a strong one. Try the hotspot, if it works then you can be reasonably sure your wifi is spiky.

This also has nothing to do with your missing file problem.

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Wifi spiky? Thanks for your input. When I can’t stream movies on three big screens, our pads don’t stream video, the internet becomes so slow that I feel I should try using a 10mbs hotspot over a 220mbs Wifi signal, I’ll go ahead and do that.

Thanks. anyone with any technical ability in GlowForge corporate want to get your servers up to speed. Our business is waiting on you… … .

Glowforge’s servers, which are virtual servers in the Google Cloud, are not experiencing any issues.


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Just my own slang for unstable wifi - has nothing to do with speed.

Again, wifi speed or volume aren’t what’s relevant to GF. How much you can stream video/music doesn’t tell you anything about signal stability. Video/music players are programmed to buffer (as in download some data ahead of when they need to show it to you, it’s that other color that usually shows up after the play point on the playback bar on Youtube for example) to deliver a smooth viewing/listening experience. GF doesn’t buffer, so unstable signals at the wrong moment can cause problems.


I see you are not looking for help and just need to vent. Good luck.


Yes, looking for help. Not useless dialog that does nothing to effect the situation.

Glowforge, image is still not presented on screen for adjustment are use of the machine at all. What to do?

Trying to use my cell phone as a Hotspot is not a solution.

I send my image to GF to process and return the image on my screen in their internet software and the image does not appear on the camera image from the machine that is connected to viable Wifi, 220+mpbs down, 11+mpbs up, is not an issue on my side. Matters not what google says. This is GF on all accounts.

Trying the hotspot suggestion would rule it out for you and everyone who is trying to help. To my knowledge, no one who has responded is an employee of GF. Even if what they suggest doesn’t fix anything, they are just trying to help.