Where's the Manual Followup

I was going to post this in the “where’s the manual thread” but the answer there got declared correct and the thread closed while I was typing. So…

In my email I got a link to a page that says in part:

"Do not rely on the information in the manual below for correct and safe operation of your Glowforge; instead, use the version of the manual provided to you by Glowforge support. "

So is this the actual manual or just some random stuff? If the latter, where is the actual manual provided by Glowforge support. If the former, you might want to update the page.

Love, somebody who actually reads the stuff on download pages before clicking the download link.


Hmm, don’t know why it shows my link as the home page. It does lead to the PDF manual if I click it.

Thank you – I LOVE that you read the stuff and we’re taking your feedback and making updates.