Which Boxmaker can create this joint?

I made this box when we first got our Glowforge and have forgotten which box maker I had used to create this joint. I want to make another one and for the life of me cannot remember where and how I made it. Have searched for it - but cannot figure it out. Anyone come across this type of a joint or know how I can recreate it (besides designing from scratch)?

I have moved this to Everything Else as it is not something that should generate a support ticket which is what happens when you post in Problems and Support. Can you state which box making sites you have rule out so we don’t recreate the effort?


Any chance the file has any sort of watermark in it? Or that you created the extra lines to cut the double?

I’ve never seen that, but it looks cool!

I haven’t seen a generator that makes joints like that, but it would be pretty easy to replicate by starting with a box from a generator and then subtracting chunks out of the tabs where you want them. If you’re in a hurry, that’s the kind of project that should take maybe 20 or 30 minutes tops.


Or wait, even easier… Just remove every third tooth and you get the same effect.


what @evansd2 said. i will say, though, that seems like an unstable finger joint when you remove the fingers and leave gaps like that. i use a lot of small fingers when i create box joins, but i haven’t tried leaving any out.

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I have but I filled them with contrasting wood. They’re plenty stable that way…

For more:


Yeah, if they’re not empty it’s stable. But if there’s nothing there, especially with narrow fingers like that, it wouldn’t take much torque to break one.

It would be easiest to make it all narrow fingers and then remove the second one out of every 6 but I would not leave them empty but dropping in something else like bright blue acrylic or like @shop has suggested.

The part that I really like about it is that it does not need any glue. The file does not have any clues in it!

whether you need glue or not is really a factor of getting the kerf right. i make boxes all the time that don’t need glue and aren’t missing any fingers.

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