White spot on one of the lenses

Which lens is this and does it need replacing, I assume it does as it is not cutting where it should

I soaked it with lens cleaner after removing it and no luck. I ordered a new one. Thanks though

I would work on that with a lens cleaning wipe. I’m betting that spot will come off with some rubbing. It is important to keep all the optics clean, any residue on them will get burned on by the laser. I check mine every time I am going to use it. Any film on them can be easily seen by shinning a flashlight on them. The window under the left side tends to get dirty first since the smoke is evacuated to the left. Be sure to clean that one too.

BTW, that one and the one under the left side are windows, the only lens is the one inside of the head that you use the blue tool to remove.


It’s also very unlikely that a spot on the window would cause it to “not cut where it should”. If you are having alignment issues, you should start with the troubleshooting at https://support.glowforge.com/hc/en-us/articles/360033633714-Alignment and see where you get from there.


As stated, a spot like that won’t affect design placement, it would only impact transmitted power. If not cleaned off, it will destroy that window as the laser energy will be absorbed into it at location. If the coating has been damaged, be prepared to purchase a replacement.


Replacement is on its way. Thanks for the help

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Good, but I hope you put some effort into trying to clean this one first.

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