Who needs a laser when you can just spin paper? (Humor)



Lasers are expensive and (at least until the Glowforge arrives) difficult to use. So why not use paper to cut things instead?

Oh, wait. After watching that video all the way to the end, perhaps I really do need a laser after all. :slight_smile:


Dear Lord…PaperCut! :head_bandage:


Yeah, this video could have ended much, much worse!


There’s a followup video wthat shows more things being cut. Hardwood looks cool!


It’s all fun and games till your blade explodes.


And we already know… paper beats rock.


Huh. Well, that was unexpected.



(I’m not going to post every video, but I figured I’d post this one since the thread is so new.)


Well, that answers that. We need the Glowforge to cut our hardboiled eggs.


you can use the GF to cut out the paper blades! perfectly balanced and fast to produce replacements :wink:


LOL Too funny!