Who REALLY runs the household?


So my wife and kids are away this weekend. My wife sends me the following text:

So this morning I sent her this response:

She replied

So there ya have it. :slight_smile:



I had a completely different idea where this was going before I clicked the link to read the thread…

“I can do WHATEVER I want! (within the constraints my wife gives me)”


Man you just hit the bonus point jackpot. Well done


Wow! You did a fantastic job of reproducing that…fonts and all! So now, do tell…what percentage of your weekend time was spent with your Glowforge? Obviously some…but did you get lots of housework done, too? :wink: :smiley:


Watta ya mean not perfect?? Looks perfect to me and all that matters is that she loves it!! Brownie points.


Thanks! It took longer to find similar fonts than to actually draw it all up in Illustrator.

So, I’m not real happy about that. Can you believe that was a >3 hr job? Okay, fine. But then, apparently, they were having issue with the app last night. So after staying up until 2AM for it to finish, I had to trash it! So I ran it all over again a 2nd time and all worked as expected.

Definitely true about the brownie points. :slight_smile: But I’m disappointed I couldn’t find the exact font for the word “Pets.” It’s actually a really cool font and I kinda want it now that I see it. :slight_smile:

What you guys can’t probably tell from the picture is that I actually engraved that dropshadow for “Pets” just like it is in the original. So I actually had Pets twice in my design. Once as a dropshadow and once as crisp text. I engraved the dropshadow first, then the clean text 2nd, which created a nice pocket to semi-inlay the red acrylic and still get the cool dropshadow. I was pretty happy with the idea and the result. :slight_smile:


Well-understood. I read about that in your other post. So sorry for your troubles. That kind of stuff is really disappointing. Wishing you ongoing connectivity and no more hassles going forward.


Wowee! I didn’t even notice that you had inlaid red acrylic until I looked at it again. Guess I was thinking it was just paint or something. Double extra good job!




You did a fabulous job! Especially love the acrylic inlay!!!


That is so purr-fect!


Looks like the font is a form of Exiles that has been kerned a bit.


Truly dig the acrylic addition.


Well, damn! Did I miss it?! That’s where I got the font I did use!


Great job!


Nice. I actually didn’t realize that the red was acrylic. I thought you painted it in. Nice work.


Yep! Red acrylic semi-inlaid in the wood. I say semi because I didn’t try to make it flush with the wood. I just wanted a pocket/placeholder for the acrylic so it’d have another dimension to it. Worked out just like I’d hoped! I have no painting skills. :slight_smile:


Awesome job!


Wonderful re-creation while the family’s away for recreation!