Edited Today

Many threads seem to be being necro’d because of supposed editing today. Even some of my own posts are showing as edited today although when I look at the edit, I’m not seeing any.

The result is that these threads are now showing as unread for me and when I go to them, I’ve read every post.

A couple of examples I’ve come across…

And the list appears to keep growing.

Edit: WOW this is getting annoying. SO many posts showing up as unread but they’re just supposedly edited within the past hour or so. What the heck?! I mean, some of these topics are years old!

Edit II: One of mine was “edited” by anna.robinson 2 hours ago. With no visible changes: Who REALLY runs the household?


Are all of the affected posts ones with images? It’s possible that Discourse is re-compressing the images or something.

I know that when you post something with a link to an image Discourse goes in and downloads a copy of the image and edits the post to point at the local copy. If they’ve made some change to how they store images then there may be a similar automatic edit happening with all the posts. If so that’s super annoying.

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Yeah a couple of mine are doing the same. All edited by a staff member.

hmm… I wonder if Discourse has some kind of global find/replace that some staff member accidentally used?

over the last week or two I have been notified of at least four posts of mine which were “edited”, but no actual edits were made. The “edits” were made by someone who appears to be a new GF employee. Still figuring out how to use Discourse, maybe?

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Hmmm, not seemingly true for all of yours - so I’m no longer sure, but that’s happening for a lot of them!

They’re being closed - no activity in ~30 days closes them - but that counts as a change so it pops into unread…

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Could be something like that, except it says an actual person made an edit. I think when Discourse does it itself it doesn’t name names.

Sounds plausible.

I dunno. These are YEARS old in some cases.

Yeah, the automatic edits for image downloading and stuff are clearly marked as being done automatically by the system.

What does the edit history show on these messages? (if anything)

Nothing really…

Here it is raw. I see literally no actual changes…

Shake tiny fist at @anna.robinson? :smiley:


Well that’d be an interesting question to answer… Are they all ana robinson?

Wow. Does it make me really old that that was my go to meme?


How bizarre! I’m surprised that Discourse will even save a “change” if nothing is actually changed.

huh. Apparently it will actually save such a non-change. I just went and edited one of mine. I added a space on a blank line and then deleted the space. Then I hit the “save” button and it saved it as a new revision, even though there’s no change at all.

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Lame. But still begs the question why anybody would be in Edit mode on these?

I noticed the same thing recently, and couldn’t figure out what, if anything was changed. I just ignore it now, but at least I’m not the only one. Maybe @anna.robinson can chime in. :wink:


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Oh, my. That’s a lot of annanisims.


There are a few more, those were just the ones that were sequential for a screen grab. I don’t think that anything changed on any of these that I can see.

From: Glowforge Management
To: @anna.robinson
Subject: Unread Messages

Welcome to Glowforge! Here’s your first task… We’d like evebody’s unread message count to skyrocket. Please see what you can do about that.


Glowforge Management

I suppose I should say, to Anna who does not know me… I’m totally kidding. I don’t care if it was on purpose due to some practical function, or some complete accident. Nothing against you!!! :slight_smile:


p.s. Some of those folks are getting cocky about how many posts they’ve read - knock 'em down a peg or two!


I had my unread count finally below 7,000. Then they skyrocketed. I thought it was just a mass closing of topics, but realized it was something else.

Does something like this mess with the ratio for reads for staying regular?

Sisyphus, thy name is Anna!


And totally in a spirit of fun!