Whovians Unite! (AKA The Doctor Who Wedding & Reception) **IDEAS NEEDED** please


3D printed TARDIS by boyfriend and TARDIS engagement ring = upgrade to fiance’ status.
------ Of course this sets the theme for the Wedding and Reception:

My thoughts thus far for wedding and reception — soooo up to suggestions!
Small intimate wedding is my wish (would really like to have in my son’s home where we live with 2 of my sons) followed by a larger reception later that day (preferably next day)…very informal reception as we’re all jeans and t-shirts kind of people (lots of Geeks & Whovians, including in-laws)

I am not the type that would make a bunch of things and throw them out…so useful afterwards is definitely a consideration.

  1. WEDDING CAKE – TARDIS – or – would something else be better a huge sheet cake with a “scene” either 3D printed or laser cut outs on the cake…maybe a “Philip & Sharon” cut out of blue acrylic that would be above the cake? (and is it guy name first and then girl, reverse, or either?)

  2. TRADITIONAL CAKE TOPPERS — Dr Who themed…or our names or Mr & Mrs … like you would have a stick down into the cake – ideas? (thinking cheesecakes at wedding with traditional cake topper style and more Dr Who style at reception with regular cake)

  3. INVITATIONS: Thinking TARDIS – our last name will be :door: (spelled differently) — so :door::door: that open on the TARDIS invitation = submliminal messages… :rofl: Could be laser cut (have not tried cardstock yet) or cut on my Silhouette Cameo if the Glowforge is too busy.

  4. What other types of decorations on the Cake or Food tables would you suggest? Thinking edge lit acrylic TARDIS (or k-9, etc.) centerpieces (if they don’t get in the way of playing games)

  5. Guest gift (totally optional)…Thinking a tile coaster with a TARDIS --whatever it is would have to be SUPER SIMPLE and inexpensive because he thinks his relatives could number 200 and I’m desperately trying to keep expenses down (thus making things myself…and not sure how many of extended family are Whovians) … we need to pay for a honeymoon, and should be ordering my Tesla Model 3 as soon as I get a perm job (contractor for 3 years now; going to actively look for perm). I just saw the thread about the tiles…so we bought a dozen today to try…thanks for the tips!

  6. We are both adults so paying for this wedding ourselves…hate to pay for a venue but with the number of potential guests, don’t think there is a choice there…but need to find one that will let us decorate as we wish and bring in our own food. Thinking a taco bar would be easiest and least expensive to do. Again would have to think decorations…

  7. Thinking if we get a place we can stay at for hours…we could bring table top games…thinking most of people would dwindle down basically to friends at that point (but could have them out from the get go)
    ---- I have a Dr Who Yahtzee, Dr Who Flux, Big Bang Theory Clue, Pokemon Trading Game (have son into that) …and we could make: TARDIS jenga style, Dice tower maybe a TARDIS style…and ??

Could change it where wedding is larger and smaller reception for friends and close family … but my fiance’ is very very quiet person in a group … so trying to figure out best way to make him comfortable … even though 90% attending will be his family.

TLDR version: Dr Who Themed wedding/reception: what are your ideas?

Pictures help a lot…even seeing all the things you have created that ARE Dr Who or could be ideas of other things that could in turn be made into Dr Who theme are welcome!! Date? Open … but it will be about 9 months from now-ish…

Could I wear the Glowforge out in that time???

Off to start working on that presentation I have Wednesday at work for the technology club on how to use the Glowforge & 3D printing in your ‘home life’ (which now I am going to see about cutting some Dr Who items) … and then Maker Faire items to show off…

Thank you everyone … this is a fantastic group here with lots of creative ideas…and I appreciate any ideas at all.


I would go with Amy’s…


Or River’s…

I would make a copy of River’s book. Maybe use it for the ring box?


Well I love River Song’s hair (mine is long and blonde; actually longer)…but I am going to have to start that diet to get anywhere close to her size. :wink: I have a flat printed copy of her book (ThinkGeek I believe…was disappointed with it)…but could make one…great idea about the ring box…or maybe we read our vows out of it as well?? No telling on the wording…spoilers! :hushed:

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I made these for my daughter to wear at her wedding! One to keep and one for the giveaway. Congrats!!


@smcgathyfay I hadn’t even thought of that! Cute! TFS!

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For #5 I’d go the coaster route. Always good to have one around so good for presents. For your situation the white ceramic tiles from Home Depot folks have been playing with would be good - they run between 11 & 16 cents each. A vector outline score of the TARDIS in one view or another - I’d probably do one of it spinning up & away for the whole marriage starting together thing. And personalized with a Whovian saying with your names/date in it. Vector scores will be faster than engraved but if you’re patient no reason not to do engraved.

Painted afterwards with the Sharpie oil marker rub (fast) and you’ve got something unique. You can glue silicone bumper pads to the bottom or have the GF cut out self adhesive felt to complete them.

Make a jig and you should be able to do 8 at a time.

You can have them at their place setting at the reception under their wine glasses :slightly_smiling_face:

Well the TARDIS is basically a box and laser cutters excel at box making.

While I am not one to balk at spending a good sum of money on a great party, as not-a-fan-of-marriage and less-a-fan-of-how-much-people-spend-on-weddings, I always point out flights to Vegas are cheap, rooms during the week are cheaper and no one at the chapel will blink an eye at you and your husband dressing as your favorite Dr. Who characters.

Good luck!


Hopefully the pass through on the Pro (AND the filter!) will be done soon. I’d really like to make some larger things like the room screens…plus could see what could be done with a large TARDIS.

Yeah…I don’t want to spend a lot on the wedding/reception as we really would like to get our own house and that could potentially be our down payment. I wanted really small originally but it is his first marriage and he told me that his cousin got married across the State and that about 200 people drove out there for it…which sounds like we might need to do it for the family. hmmm They are a lot of people that live in the country (and might not have the budget for gifts which is fine with me) and I was actually thinking about asking for no presents, but ask for a potluck dish to be brought from each family group. Will bounce that off his parents…if not, an informal taco bar might be just the thing for us to do.

Well I don’t think we will be dressing as our favorite Dr. Who characters as we have done that for Halloween Makerspace and College parties – but the color will be there and maybe some Dr Who themed jewelry for us to wear…I saw several years ago Dr. Who cufflinks but didn’t buy them for him … hmmmm what could we do for cufflinks??? Wood? Acrylic…or maybe ??

I am actually playing with those coasters today. What is the difference in the permanent sharpies you buy at the office supply store and the Sharpie “OIL” marker? Did I just use the wrong markers on these tiles? I hope not…I think they look really cute. Getting ready to color the 4th tile and was going to post it. I bought some clear acrylic spray to put on them.

Good ideas…and especially love the TARDIS ideas you have…that will be fun to design. Thank you!

Is there a flexible acrylic/plastic type of material that we can cut on safely? Or could we bend acrylic with a heat gun if we need to shape the material??

The oil based are more durable and can mark better on darker surfaces (not an issue with the white tile). The regular markets can be cleaned off with alcohol or Windex but the oil based on come off with alcohol.

Trick for increasing the durability is to let the marker dry and then stick them in a cold oven. Turn it to 350F and let them bake for half an hour at 350F. Then turn it off, leave the tiles in the oven and wait for it to cool. It really fixes the marker.


You can bend it with a heat gun.

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It’s not something you would need the Forge to do, but randomly throughout the ceremony you should trigger sound effects, smoke, and flashing lights, during which the Best Man/Woman is replaced by one of the other men or women in the wedding party.

This Role will be referred to as The Doctor. Perhaps some sort of Forge-made icon would indicate this?

Use this idea or don’t, but for the record I’m beside myself with glee for having thought of it.


Check out thingiverse for some inspiration too. “dr. who” or “tardis”

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I love this forum… :grinning: and this thread is one of the many reasons why! I hope you have a great whovian wedding!

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Thank you! I didn’t know that about the baking to set the markers. BTW I got quite a few compliments on the pictures of the tiles I showed some coworkers today. I took a few to a meeting I was at tonight and one of the ladies said that she would like a table made out of some fun saying tiles with a glass top over them.

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awww thanks! I’m not usually gutsy enough to ask on something like that (Reddit seems a bit harsh at times so never would try there) … but here everyone seems so welcoming and we’ve all got a common ‘techy toy’ …so it’s lots of fun reading here. I really appreciate all the suggestions…I am going to have so much fun making things! The more fun you make it…the more you learn. I’ll be watching for new things popping up in all the threads to see if I can come up with new techniques to try.

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Most people don’t :smile:

It’s a bonus tip.

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TARDIS laser cut front to a Doctor’s journal that is their guest book.
Gallifrayen swirly writing, paper cut decorations (wraps for centerpieces? larger cut outs for the wall?)
Sonic Screwdriver laser cutouts as drink cocktail stirrers
Laser cut bow ties for guests, hot glue a clip-on-earring back.
If there is a ceremony program, label the outside of it with “Spoilers”
Cake Topper idea: Instead of Mr/Mrs: Time Lord / Companion

Biting’s excellent. It’s like kissing. Only there’s a winner.

And a rip on a common quote:

People assume that Love is a Strict Progression of Crush to Marriage, but actually, from a Non-Linear, Non-Subjective viewpoint, it’s more like a big ball of Wibbly Wobbly Lovey-Dovey Stuff.

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If you are trying to save money, you could consider a potluck. I know it sounds cheesey, but we did it and it was awesome. We asked everyone to bring ‘the thing they made the best’, and mentioned that if they were traveling from too far, to not feel obligated. You could tie it into Doctor Who by asking that everyone bring the best example of the dish from their home world.

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