Why am I being asked to pay for "Free with Primium" designs if I have the trial?

I have a 15 day trial and was snagging some of the free designs and when I went to check out, they weren’t free.
What’s the deal with that?

You will want to email this question to Glowforge or post in Problems and Support. Glowforge personnel do not monitor this category in the forum.

Here is a thread that may answer your question.


Straight from GF…

Lame. Bad enough my laser head was damaged when I got my unit (New one being sent).
Not happy.

@dklgood and @dwardio thanks for the link. I didn’t know the answer, and now I do. AND reading the thread you posted reminded me to cancel my Disney+ trial just in time before they billed my credit card. :rofl: :rofl: No one has watched TV in a couple of months and I had a 3 month trial…I almost totally forgot!


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