Why an egg? Because it can

Ok, today’s test of the GF was to see if it could engrave an egg. After getting a small jig made to hold the hollow egg shell, I gently taped the egg in place to keep the air supply from blowing it around.

The first burn was at 1000 / 10% 450 lpi, with no discernible change on the surface.
I ran a second pass at 30% power and saw a light brown etch.

The 3rd pass was at full power - Bingo! good engrave depth and a wonderful shadow when lighted from beneath. Taking the egg of of the GF was a bit tricky ( I need younger hands). I’ll take the egg and clear coat it now for a little more rigidity. Next we’ll see what a reversed 3D engraving does.


Wow, that’s lovely!

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New Easter egg coming up!


Did you empty the egg first?

Ermahgerd, a new must do.

My brain is trying to solve how to cover the whole egg. Repeating arc patterns or maybe what you just did and then a convex pattern to match.


Chris, I might try another one - and just keep rotating it in the jig till it is covered. The challenge is anchoring the egg so it does not blow around. Taking the tape off without pulling the shell apart.


How is a quote empty Discourse??

Could you fill the egg with something IE sand, to weigh it down?

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Yes I did.

It it possible, but if you are running the design around the whole egg, the weight may push the thin wall out when you rotate it.

I wonder if there’s a low profile rig that could hold the egg and rotate it at semi-precise angles.

Something like the Egg Bot vice.

I’d love to see more, this was a lovely surprise use for the GF.


Chickens make the eggs already filled with something. Maybe a hardboiled egg would work. :grinning:

Did your final pass cut through the top AND back?

Would your jig allow you to put something like clay or that blue tacky poster stuff in it so you could put your egg in it and it’s held by the surface adhesion to the clay but that adhesion isn’t so much as to make it difficult to remove or possibly break the shell?

Well, that’s beautiful.

Random question, what did it smell like?

What’s amazing about this is before the design you had to do had to be connected to each other ( I’m sure there’s a name for this)since you would use a Dremel to remove material. but with the laser you can have design that are free floating since instead of removing the shell completely you just burn enough to be visible yet still holding it’s shape. I’m sure WE as a community can come up with a jig. But thanks for the pics more ideals to fill glowforge capabilities. I wonder if your crazy enough to try a picture on an egg shell :exploding_head:

Very cool pattern. Very nice detail. Very nicely done.

For information on other people’s experience with eggs:


That’s neat. Now you need a fixture to rotate the egg so you can go all the way round.:slight_smile:

Beautiful design! Glad to see more egg play. :grinning:


A dentists drill. You really want to vent that one for sure lol