Why are lines not straight (right side skewed up)

Why is the right side so much higher?

Welcome to the forum. If your material was not completely flat, you may have this difference. Even a slight warp in material can cause problems. Also, have you successfully completed the lid camera calibration?


The way the lid camera works is to use software to dewarp the fisheye image. They keep improving that image but there is some distortion at the edges all around and is most accurate in the middle. That your image is skewed on the right might indicate a warped material or imperfect calibration.

The calibration routine makes a huge difference in getting an image that maps to the object after it has been cut or engraved or scored.

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  1. when you removed the cut piece, are the lines straight and the dimensions correct?

If yes, this is kinda normal. The lid camera’s dewarp is good, but not great. You can try moving the focal point around to see the variance in action.

  1. However, that top right line is worrisome. Is that really a double cut with a warped line to the top?

I have done the camera calibration, twice. The material was completely flat.

The lines, are straight and same with dimensions. But the right side project is skewed up on material

I used a focus point in middle of the project.

That is not a double line, but black sharpie used to place the project.

One thing you might want to check: make sure your crumb tray is sitting securely in the divots on the bottom of the machine and that all four of them are clean with no material in them. It wouldn’t take much in there to produce a distortion like you are seeing.

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Nope that is not the problem as well. The bed is flat and clean.

What kind of material is it?

Clear medium acrylic which is by glowforge

Okay, that’s fine, but since it’s acrylic, it probably warped and curled since you were cutting so close to the edges. (Characteristic of acrylic, unfortunately.)

The good news is…it’s not likely a problem with the machine. The bad news is - I don’t know that there’s any way you can keep that from happening. Pegging it down might help, but you also might need to get a larger piece of acrylic to work from.

The acrylic is not warped

It warps when you cut it.

That has not happened with the 30 pieces I have cut. Which are the exact same size and shape.

Okay. Looks like I can’t help you then. Sorry.

I see you already contacted us via chat about this and we’re working on it there and via email, so I’m going to close this topic.