Why are you limiting my ability to post to the community? ... a year later?

It’s been a year now and I’ve had several popular posts. When will I lose my newbie loser not allowed to post more than a couple images status? Do you want a thriving community? Because I’m about done here If you keep limiting my ability to post.

SMH at some of the decisions this company makes.

Hello @timrsc. I believe this is a Discourse issue and not in the control of Glowforge.

Adding @discourse tag to a post should bring your issue to the attention of someone at Discourse who will, hopefully, will be able to offer more information.

Not anymore. Discourse disabled that feature in their software earlier this year.


It’s because you don’t have “owner” status, and I believe the issue is how GF has the forum set up. I was in the same boat until I purchased my own GF (rather than just being a user on the makerspace account). After much activity for four months with ridiculous restrictions, I immediately skyrocketed through the levels when my label changed.

How do I get owner status?

By buying a Glowforge.

Edit: it looks like you already own a GF. I wonder if you use the same email for your GF as you use for the forum?

That didn’t work for me.

Yes, same email.

This problem has been seen before. Tagging a discourse staff person, like @robmc , might get the proper attention to your issue.



Thanks for letting me know.

Maybe you could try setting your own title to owner in settings. Not sure if a title change would enable the features, but worth a shot while you wait for a resolution.

I don’t see robmc on the staff admin page tagging the first two admins on that page…

@bailey @dan

Robmc is an actual discourse employee. Discourse is the company that created the forum software and also hosts the forum on their servers.


Hmm… I guess I’d expect help from GF since it’s their forum and this seems more like an internal housekeeping problem than a discourse one. Discourse was super responsive on Twitter when I had an issue with something that was software based.

Maybe edit your original post and explain that you’re purchased a GF and would like owner status.

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I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.