Why can’t I get the IOS glowforge app on App Store?

I read about the IPad IOS glowforge app, it appears to have been released a long time ago but when I click the download link it says not available in my country?
Does anyone know if it’s available in the US or not?

I don’t think that is an option any longer. You can, however, simply open the app on your Ipad and operate the Glowforge interface normally.


Thank you for the reply. :grin: I have another question, maybe I need to post as a new topic but maybe you know the answer, my internet has been Down since Jan 2 tech can not come out until the 11th :rage:
Is it possible to connect glowforge to cellular data? I can not even get my glowforge to broadcast a wifi connection. (No teal button)

Yes you can setup your Glowforge using your phone as a hotspot.


Thank you :grin: I appreciate your help :grin:


Omg I’d be killing my internet provider. Prayers upon a quicker return to service date and more prayers to you for patience

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