Why do I keep getting a bot emailing me?

I need to know where my order is?? It is a crying same I have my 1st payment due on it and not received it yet

Log into your account: www.glowforge.com/account - it will list an estimated shipping date.
Sign-up for FedEx/UPS’s apps - they will notify you when a package is about to be delivered to your address

Sending multiple emails just slows down response time because they have to find/verify/close all duplicates before they can respond (this is also a duplicate btw)

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Yes it does cause you never get a real person to respond back all we get is a bot emailing back

Standard response to support email address (or posting here) is three business days. The auto-response tells you that.

Support does not know when your machine will ship. They send out the list to manufacturing, who fulfills orders based on what is on-hand and what needs to be assembled.

That’s why the ship date in your account is an estimate.

I know one thing for sure if I ever receive it I will be getting supplies else where! Not gonna wait for my order

I usually receive materials orders in 2 business days.
Materials don’t have to be assembled.


Actually, it’s UP TO three business days. When it’s not Christmas season they’re generally faster. But opening multiple support tickets does slow them down. Best to post somewhere other than Problems and Support if you’re just looking for user input, since posting here opens yet another one.

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I’m so sorry we didn’t make your delivery date clear sooner! I see you’ve emailed us already, so I’ve followed up with you there about your delivery date.

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