Why I have to cancel my glowforge

I have finally lost the war with my wife.

Originally, getting the GF was her idea because she had seen the amazing things I had made with the laser at work. We took out a loan and pre-ordered a pro unit with a filter right away.

Then came the delays, and with it my wife’s doubt that we had made a good decision. I tried to get her to read the forums and stay positive, but it was a losing battle. Eventually, she made the claim that we needed the money and that by not canceling the order I was being selfish and not putting the family’s needs first. (We are perfectly fine financially, and had the machine arrived there would have never been an issue)

But boy, she sure knows how to win an argument eh?

Needless to say, I am sad (and even a little bitter) that I couldn’t wait out the storm long enough for it to just arrive. I held on as long as I could, but it simply took too long.

My dreams of a glowforge are dead. I’m sure it will be awesome.


You could always try the argument that it’s cheaper than a new bass boat. It really is just a few months more.

In addition, it’s an educational tool, that might set your children on the path to tech, ensuring their future success. And it will lead to many fun family projects that you can do together.

I’d seriously consider sticking it out.


Read on a T-Shirt once:

"My wife said she was gonna leave me if I didn’t get rid of my fishing, camping, diving, driving, and lasering stuff.

Gee, I’m sure gonna miss her…"



I’d try the “IF it gets released it’ll be worth ~50% more than we paid” approach. That’s my fallback plan, but my decision making committee only has one member (which is a double-edged sword, as they always deserve the blame for all the bad decisions made).


Too bad, you are so close.
I presume she knows of the prerelease units out there, and what people have done with them.

My experience with​ the one I have has been awesome. It would be much easier for you if you really did need the money.
You have to live with her. She’s so soft, and smells a lot better than the laser. Good luck to you!


Seems the least she could do is wait till after the next monthly update


If you haven’t canceled yet, I would see if you could hold out until the May update at least.


@JimSocks Not to derail your decision, but waiting another month or two you will have a unit you can sell for more than you paid for the pre-order that will more than off-set the cost of your loan. This assumes that after receiving the system you decide to sell it new unopened rather than to keep it. This is the same decision I made about keeping my air filter.

One simple thing to remember: Happy Wife, Happy Life!

No mater how you proceed, best of luck.


Are you close to any of the PRU folks? Maybe a road trip with her to see one up close, might give you a few months.


Peace in the household/marriage is of greater worth than a large dollar item.

Trying to hold out for May’s update could be helpful, but she may not want to know.


45 years of domestic “bliss” experience here. Family comes first - even when something as wonderful as a Glowforge is at stake. I wish you the best.


I’m in potentially the same situation. Luckily my wife and daughters see the Glowforge as a way to make and sell things, and they’re used to crowd funded things taking twice as long as founders estimate, so they haven’t pressured me yet.

For what it’s worth, I think it’d make financial sense (assuming you don’t have an immediate need for cash) to wait for the unit to arrive, then either keep it or flip it for a profit. Assuming you value the extra material, etc., GlowForge is throwing in due to the delay, waiting isn’t really costing anything, other than of course time.


Sorry to see you go

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I get that. If my wife ever leaves me, I’m going with her.
Wait for the update if you can. If not, pull out and leave the regrets behind. Family matters, things don’t.
Good luck!


I feel ya, I could easily be in the same boat. I have left out any news (good or bad), and we haven’t discussed it. I just hope she doesn’t bring it up like my boss at work does.
Good luck, I hope you can stay, but if not your family is always more valuable.

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Maybe you could convince her to take the family to Maker Faire? See one in person, and have a good time in general.

At the least, maybe you can convince her to set aside some of the refund for a K40 or other cheaper laser system. Sure, it’ll be a pain, and the kids won’t be able to use it as easily… but it is a gateway to the future chances…


‘Mental as Anything’ an Australian Band from WAAAAAAAY back.
“If you leave me, can i come too?”



or you can go with this one, I’m gonna miss her.



I can understand and appreciate the people saying wait it out and offering counter arguments, but honestly I get where your wife is coming from. It’s a lot of money to have tied up indefinitely and “just a few more months” probably isn’t a very convincing argument when she is having second thoughts.

I’m sorry you don’t get to get one. That has to be super disappointing after the long wait. If probably feel a little bitter too. Maybe you can use some of the money for a little consolation prize that’s just for fun?


That’s a hard thing. Sorry for you.
My wife is also giving some “pressure” so I’m doubling down and saying that an upgrade might be a good idea. :slight_smile:
Of course she knows my tricks and was off balance for only a moment. In the end she’s (somewhat) cool with me hanging in there, and I’m planning on a burst of activity and output as soon as I get it to justify it to her.
But everyone’s situation is different and you have my condolences.