Why I would never buy a Glowforge again. Big mistake

All you Glowforge enthusiast, wake up. You have been taken. I could go on and on about how disappointed I am in my Glowforge. There are so many other choices that are equal or in some cases better, Not to mention more economical choices today. Take your blinders off. Send this company a message that exclusivity is not the way to serve your customers.


When I purchased my Glowforge I did not feel there were other choices. I don’t know if I can justify purchasing another laser when my Glowforge fails, but so far I have been satisfied with my purchase. I do not feel I have been taken, and I am uncertain why you feel that way.




Karl, sorry you are disappointed with your Glowforge. My only problems with my Glowforge are due to my not understanding what I’m trying to do. The machine is amazing and I am glad I paid the extra dollars to purchase it. Perhaps you can get some additional training so you can learn how to fully utilize all the features of your Glowforge. When I read, or hear about people not liking their Glowforge it is usually due to learning issues.
Good luck on whatever you find to replace it.


While I probably won’t replace my GF with another one when that time comes I have zero complaints about the operation of the machine so far. It works flawlessly every time. My only complaints are shipping charges for anything GF related across the border into Canada. They are the deal killer for me.


personally, i’ve had mostly good experiences with GF support. but i will say this, when a support issue goes bad, it seems to go completely off the rails bad. there doesn’t seem to be a lot in between.


Yeah sorry you’re not happy with your Glowforge, but coming here to low-key insult us was uncalled for. We’re your fellow Glowforge owners and everyone’s on your side. Telling us we’re blind or stupid isn’t the kindest way to rejoin the conversation.

I hope you’re happier as you move forward, with a Glowforge or without.


Okay,for future trolling call us sheeple after saying wake up.
Also I don’t feel taken,perhaps you could expound on this and convence me of the error of my ways?

Seriously though,is there something we can help you with? If you are having problems with the learning curve we can usually help.


I love my GF. I also love my blinders. They’re fancy. I made them on my GF.


I have a bigger, more powerful CO2 laser than the Glowforge Pro I started with years ago. I still prefer the Glowforge in many ways. The user experience and engineering/design choices they made for a desktop hobby laser remain unmatched by any other manufacturer even now 8 years later.

I’m running my other laser right now, since I am trying to catch up on restocking 1/4" thick MDF cuts after being busy helping with in-person makers markets the last two days. This other laser does that job faster than my Glowforge.

But every time I run it, I sorely miss my Glowforge routine, less than 60 seconds to clean all of the optics and dust off the fans to keep it in good working order. This other laser, billed as a Glowforge killer, I have to remove 13 screws just to reach all the optics that need cleaning, and disassemble much of its print head to get the lens out.

I mostly print the same designs over and over. When I do it on the Glowforge, I pop open a webpage in my phone, click the design in my library, hit print, and the Glowforge is ready to go.

On the new laser, I have to sit down at a PC, wait for desktop software to launch and check for software and firmware updates, open an import screen and use the file picker to dig through my folders for the right design, tell the machine to go do its autofocus, move the design where I need it to print, set the cut parameters and send the job.

The software experience, the maintenance experience, manually aligning optical paths… every other laser feels like driving a manual transmission compared to Glowforge which sells the only automatic.

Just because you’re disappointed in a product you bought doesn’t mean everyone else is wearing blinders @karldavidson.


Ha ha! Taken? Taken for what?..one of the best rides in my life going on 6 years now. I think you’ve got the wrong audience.




It is not nice to insult others because you do not like your Glowforge. I have not been taken. I am not disappointed, and I do not wear blinders.


:joy: Perfect!

Unfortunate @karldavidson , you didn’t join us when you got your laser, I would bet you would have had a better experience.
I’m on my 6th year with this machine. I wandered in here not knowing anything about lasers or CNC, it was this community that got me rolling. We have helped many dozens of people learn the ins and outs of the hardware and software.
If you have any desire to make your investment worthwhile, tell us your problems - otherwise you are waisting your time and ours.


^^^ THIS!


This is the wrong audience for your post, but good luck in your future endeavors!


It looks like you became a member and probably purchased back in Aug 2021. After almost 2 years of utter silence, your first and only post is this one, basically insulting both the users and the company.



This was a couple of months ago, but my 13 year old grandson’s school called me because he had a handful of money and custom wooden signs he was making for kids and teachers at school, during breaks and lunch. They took his money and signs until the office administrator stepped up and said she would handle the transactions until he picked them up on his way home.
The point is a 13 year old, made so much money with my Glowforge that the school considered it a distraction.


Glad they figured out a way to let him keep selling signs! It’s awesome to be entrepreneurial already at that age. Bodes well for his future. And a better venture than mine in high school, which was selling pirated movies to my teachers that I burned to disc between classes.