Why is it rendering one way in the layout and another in print preview?

art files: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/jtjxtxvzkgfi5em/AAA2R1pkbook4LImeQ_efCqLa?dl=0

  1. renders one way on layout, another in print preview… which should I believe?

  2. the UI app seems to rndomly parsze/render the file differently each time I open it…

The SVG renders and previews just fine on my unit.

I’d assume it has nothing to do with your ‘unit’ - isn’t it the glowforge ui in the cloud? Am I in a canary/flight/ab test of a different version of the ui than you? Has glowforge reached the point that they are doing that for their UI?

I’ve had a really hard day fighting the GFUI.

Tried for like the 10th time and got a “print preview” that wasn’t messed up. Said good enough - I’ll risk it - looks to be coming out fine now. Yay. Son’s high school robotics club needs one of these for each sponsor for the booth display. Glad I won’t make them sad! :slight_smile:

If the connection is slow or logged down, it can take some time for the Preview to completely render, and if you send it to print before it completely renders, you won’t get a complete cut. I’ve had to wait up to five minutes sometimes during exceptionally busy internet times when it was rendering a complex file.

Just make sure you are waiting for the complete results to load back to the machine before hitting Print.

I’m so sorry for the trouble with the Print Window.

I’m looking into this and will update the topic when I have more information.

Thanks for your patience.

I took a look at the file and I found some extra shapes in the logo. If you remove the extra shapes, it should print fine.

Happy printing!