Why is support so slow in responding!

I have emailed support 2 different times! Both emails sent after waiting 72 hours and never receive a response. WHATS UP WITH THAT !!!

There should have been an automated response to your email, maybe in your spam or promotions folder?

Just a auto response saying that they are unusually busy and a ticket #. somehow I don’t feel like that’s my problem. Waiting 4 days for a actual response it just unaccusable.

The auto response also says it could take three business days - although sometimes it’s longer and sometimes it’s shorter.

Keep in mind that when you ordered your laser from Glowforge, you didn’t order an express support service. Services like this are very expensive. There are a lot of customers to support and Glowforge support staff will get to you when they are able. It may be a while as it seems they are especially busy. You will need to be patient and wait for them.

If you are running a business, I strongly suggest you use this time to plan your backup solution. Every business who depends on a tool must have a backup for when that tool isn’t available, for whatever reason. Make sure you have this ready for implementation in the event you run into unexpected downtime.


I am curious as to what your definition of “express service” is ? I would think ( now 96 hours ) is clearly enough time to respond other then an auto response!!!

When I spend $10,000 with a company I expect to be able to talk to a human or at least have much faster support email response than 3 business days. The lack of support has cost them at least 2 purchases. I have told everyone how much I like the product but how HORRIBLE support is. The 2 people I am speaking about have both bought a Dremel laser cutter because they have a support phone number on their site.

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Was the support you received actually bad, as in they weren’t able to help you, or was it just slower than you wanted it to be?

While I have heard a lot of complaints about slow support, I haven’t heard of any customers that didn’t get their issues dealt with, even if it took a while.

Dremel can take advantage of the fact they have an established phone support center, likely outsourced, supported by the millions of other sales they do. They are also not designing or building their product, just applying a label to another brand.

GF can’t afford to have phone support yet. The cost of running a phone support center would drive the cost of this machine far beyond what you are willing to pay.

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Support was both slow and bad. They missed the point of one support request and one day I got the following messages:

3 business day support response is useless with these errors.
Also, Glowforge announced in January of 2018 total funding or $40 MILLION with sales of $70 MILLION. That is just under 2 years ago that they announced all this so I would guess that sales are much higher at this point, possibly approaching $100 MILLION in sales. That is not enough to offer phone support?

That’s just the problem! I haven’t received any support outside of an annoying auto response email telling me that they are unusually busy and expect a response in 48 hours ( now going on day 4 ). I would think that if a business is that busy they would do one of two things. Hire more people or slow down production, Like you, I love the machine, but the support is below SUCKY.

So you are judging the support quality on one interaction where your support rep misunderstood your support request, and an overloaded server?

I am glad I don’t have to support you, especially on the phone.

And no, gross sales don’t give an indication of profits. GF has a lot of money tied up in their business and they have debt to pay back. Phone support is extremely expensive.

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Laser cutters aren’t critical devices. They don’t save lives or something. “Emergency” level support, to me, isn’t required.

@jrwms54, you’ve posted to us here on the public forum for some reason. I presume because you want help. How can we help you? What problem are you having?


As a support rep, I don’t think it is fair to judge quality on speed.

Have you checked your spam folders for their response? Have you tried the chat option? When it is available that is your best way to get a faster response and sort out any communication issues.

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From what i understand every time a new ticket is opened on an issue either by the live chat, posting a new topic here in P&S or sending an email those tickets need to be combined and when that happens it puts you back at the bottom of the pile for support. In the end you will get help faster if you don’t do that. Hope that will help out in the future. Is there anything that the community could help with? There are some very knowledgeable and generous people in this community who probably would be willing to help if they can.


I’m terribly sorry for my delayed response @jrwms54. Thank you so much for your patience. I’ve just followed up to your email with us, so I’m going to close this thread.