Why wont passthrough align?

No matter what I do, passthrough alignment is a hit or miss…mostly a miss. I line my material against the left or right wall to ensure it’s straight but once you move and the camera tries to align, God bless you if it does it properly and God bless you twice if you can do it manually. I’ve wasted so much material trying to use passthrough. The feature is trash and the fact that we have to use community support to work through it is absolutely absurd. I have never received a response from Glowforge when I request assistance. I’m so disappointed with the passthrough feature, a complete waste of money. If anyone has a tried and true, consistent way of ensuring alignment, PLEASE let me know.

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According to Discourse, you have read 2 minutes recently in the forum. I suggest you read through posts regarding pass through success efforts to see if anything “clicks” with you. Sometimes the software needs more points in the file to focus on. Sometimes the issue is that too much or not enough of the file is placed in individual positions.

I have had success using the passthrough by simply following the intructions, and my experience is that the software has improved significantly since the beta version was introduced.


Use the left side of the crumb tray to align.

Not true, the community is just an option.
If you’re not getting a response from support, check your spam folder because you should get an automatic “we got your message” email immediately. If you’re not getting those and some thing is amiss with your email address on file. More personalized responses can sometimes take several days.

As for the rest, follow @dklgood’s suggestion to search the forum. There’s been a lot of tips, tricks and pitfalls to avoid discussed over the years. Since you didn’t provide any photos or details on your specific failure we can’t make any more specific suggestions.


Hey, @kashemowatt, welcome!

I’ve had a few passthrough failures, and I know it is super frustrating to waste both time and material. I feel your pain.

I’ve also had many, many passthrough successes, and it is so amazing to watch the laser line up precisely with the previously cut material.

In my experience, the material was the difference between success and failure. I’ve had a great outcome with cardboard and wood, but I couldn’t get foam core board to work no matter what I tried. Perhaps you could try a different material (like cardboard, which is super cheap) to see if the material is contributing to the alignment problem.


I get the “we got your message” email but no follow up

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