Wi fi

Do l have to set up the wifi each time i turn on the machine?
How do I find the connection when I turn on the machine?

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You only set up your wifi connection one time. After your initial setup, the machine should remain connected. Log onto app.Glowforge.com from whatever device you are using, and you should see that your Glowforge is online.

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should I see it under the internet access, because I do not

We are trying our first cut and the uploading is taking 10 + minutes is this normal? Has not completed the upload? normal?

No, after setup the GF is connected directly to your WiFi and won’t show up as an available network on your computer anymore.

This depends on how complicated your file is. Sometime I hit reload on my browser when it gets stuck. You can also clear your cache.

Are you trying the Gift of Good Measure? What browser are you using? Many people have had the best results using Chrome.

We are using Firefox I’ll try Chrome

The first time you print something on non-PG material (or PG material where it didn’t scan the QR code), it’ll make you acknowledge a warning message in the right column to continue. If your screen resolution is low, that message may be cut off so you don’t see the button to continue. Zoom out (press ctrl and the minus key) and you’ll see it. This is what it’s actually waiting for, “uploading” only takes a second normally.

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Thanks for the answer @dklgood and @ekla, that’s right. I’m going to close this thread - if the problem reoccurs, go ahead and post a new topic.