WiFi Connectivity and 2.4Ghz Channels

Hi everyone. To start, thanks to everyone who has helped me on my GF journey. I have spent considerable time in this forum and appreciate all of the gracious help you all have provided others like myself. Thank you for all of that.

Let me preface this by stating that I did send a note to GF support directly, but I did leave something out of that posting and was wondering if anyone here might have experienced the same issue I have. Know that I have followed all of the typical troubleshooting recommendations provided by GF as well as those things I have found on in this forum. For background…

Last Saturday morning, I was able to print beautifully with my GF. I shut everything down, went in for lunch, and when I came back to continue my work, I was not able to connect to the GF. All other devices on my network did continue to work. I tried my cell hot spot. I rebooted everything (router, extenders, etc.), still could not connect.

I contacted the cable company (Spectrum). They sent a tech out this past Monday. They did a few things like creating new connections inside and outside the house. Everything else on my network (devices connecting 5Ghz and 2.4Ghz all worked except for the GF). Following the direction of the tech, I replaced the Spectrum-provided wireless router with a NetGear Orbi RBR850 and two satellites. Got them all hooked up, everything else connected and working, but still no connection from the GF. My bandwidth on 5Ghz is 453Mbps, 2.4Ghz is 115Mbps. I suspect that should be adequate for connectivity.

It is now Friday, almost a week later and I’ve given up my personal search for a solution and have contacted support - and my extended GF family, all of you guys. Sorry to be a bother!

I am wondering if anyone has had an issue with auto channels on their 2.4Ghz network. Is there a particular channel number that I should use which might make the GF happy?

Thank you all so much for taking the time to read this far! I truly appreciate any help you can offer.


I had the exact same problem, and I was desperate for a solution, even building a Faraday cage to help troubleshoot the problem, which turned out to be there was TOO MUCH traffic near the glowforge, and it could not compete with the traffic – the solution, move the glowforge to another part of the house, see if the problem goes away.

@Deleted Thanks for this suggestion. I do have the GF in a separate building from my house, and there is only one security camera in the same building attaching to the 2.4Ghz network. There is a TV and Roku, but they are hardwired via Ethernet to a hub. Since the GF is on a table with wheels, I can try moving it to a different part of the space. The building is 24’x24’, with a 6’ greenhouse attached to one side of the space. It is really quite low-tech except for the GF - my one extravagance! It just is so strange how it might have reached the tipping point between Saturday morning and Saturday afternoon. I guess I should have skipped lunch! :wink:

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take your phone there, turn on wifi, how much traffic (stations) are there? that can give you a clue.

I had to move my machine to within 6 feet of my router to get it to connect for the first time. Once I got it working, I moved the machine back to where it was going to stay and it has been working fine ever since. I also have Specrrum.

Just to add one data point for you, I have a Netgear Orbi with two satellites as well, channel set to auto, and the Glowforge is super happy with this. It’s never had connectivity issues with that setup.

Am I reading correctly that you tried a mobile hotspot and that didn’t work either? If so, it’s sounding like the Glowforge machine is at fault.

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dan, i also tried with my iphone / hotspot, it was a fail, it was the other signals, that was jamming the glowforge. – this has happened with several machines

@dan84 Yes, I tried the phone hotspot and it also did not work.

I would not be surprised if something in the previous location of your Glowforges was causing interference for a wifi signal in that area. I would be surprised if it was your neighbors’ wifi networks. They should be too far away, and too well behaved, to cause that kind of problem. My Glowforge is in range of 28 access points as of right now and its connection to my network is unaffected.

Dan, you know I see a lot of different machines… basics are the worst, for connecting, but I had plus’ and pro do the same thing, I spent hours talking to GF tech about it, and there where too many strong signals jamming the Glowforge. tried and tested.
the solution was always moving the Glowforge to a different location.

I am happy to report that I am once again able to connect and print. Going to be making a day of it and hope to get everything done!

Not sure what might have happened, but after shutting everything down for a full 5 minutes then restarting everything, the GF did finally connect. Maybe this means the neighbors security systems are down! :wink:

Thanks to all for your speedy responses.


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