Wifi Google home

Switched to Google Home and can’t connect. Any one else? Or any ideas?

Are you trying to go through the entire set up process again?

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AFAIK “Google Home” is an app. Are your talking about Google WiFi? :sunglasses:

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Yes sorry

I’ve used a 4 and 5-node Google WiFi setup here with my Glowforge Basic for several years with zero issues. I’ve read of reports of WiFi problems with the Google WiFi mesh network in this forum—with multiple users putting the Glowforge on a Google WiFi “guest network” in order to keep its Internet traffic isolated from everything else going on. You might try that? But before you do that you should reconnect your Glowforge to your new WiFi network—from scratch—using the instructions here. :sunglasses:


Thank you for getting back so soon. I will try this💕

Thanks !!!works perfectly :kissing_heart:


Yes, for mesh systems (although really, any wifi), it seems to eliminate a good bit of trouble to set up a guest network and only put the Glowforge on the dedicated Guest Network. I use to struggle with wifi issues before I set up my wifi this way. Additionally my Apple TV caused the most interference with my Glowforge so I like to point that out too for anyone having Wifi issues.

Thanks for the answer @lightner!

@pegleg17, it looks like you have the issue resolved now. That’s great! I’m going to close this thread - if you have any further trouble, please post a new topic. Have a wonderful day!