WIFI Interference

Guy on YouTube was CNC milling a 3D scene into wood, and had his laptop connected by WIFI in the same room. His cell phone rang and the mill lost its path for a second.
I was wondering If interference is something we are going to have to worry about since the interface is WIFI?
I read that most jobs fit in a local cache, so we can configure that cache size?

I would hate to smoke a job because my phone rang… :flushed:


I doubt the cache size is configurable, but I’m not worried about it. I’m pretty sure that Dan has stated that in the event of a communication hiccup between the glowforge and the cloud servers, the glowforge will just finish what it has in its cache and then pause until it gets more instructions.

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Cache size isn’t configurable, but if you lose communication, you’ll run out the job until it’s done or it pauses, then resumes when you get back online.

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As the Glowforge relies on a small data buffer and pauses when it has no more data to process till communication is restored there shouldn’t be a problem even if there is a device that causes interference.

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Thank you all!

This is not a feature request, but… I am really-really hoping there’s a way to control the resume function when the connection is restored, as in like, push the big white button to resume - this assures the operator is present during maching operation. Just searching on the Internet for “laser cutter fire” makes a pretty compelling argument to watch over every cutting job from start to finish.

If the connection goes down for hours it could get pretty aggravating to watch over the GF to restart, if the GF doesn’t have that safety feature built in.

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