Wifi issues

Now that’s seriously funny :rofl:

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NO this is funny : }

I dismissed all the Non Sense on this FORUM and kept making notes to GLOWFORGE about the Intermittent WIFI issues I would Experience by posting Time and Dates

and Today they Found it.

That’s not what’s happened at all. There’s an active partial outage at Google Cloud happening right now, which Glowforge is alerting you will have an impact on your use of the app right now. This is not an explanation for any of your previous wifi issues. There were no outages at those times. You’re free to subscribe to both status pages to get instant alerts – be sure to note the lack of correlation to any of your notes.


I got an email announcing this issue. Glowforge informed me, as they usually do when there is an outage or partial degradation.


You are mixing facts to fit the narrative.

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Jesus , I got larry curly and moe following my tail, lol
I got a nice personal thank you letter , it s all good, Peeps. Keep on glowing .

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