WiFi issues

Trying to set up machine, my laptop shows me it’s connected to Glowforge WiFi with Excellent signal strength but the plain white screen just says “connect your Glowforge to WiFi”, and it hasn’t started to calibrate at all

I can never remember the steps off the top of my head, but the video in this post has helped lots of people get through that part of the setup:

Good luck!


I have the same problem
this is really aggravating
I’ve had the Glowforge for a week and have
had one problem after another.

That’s a bite your first post is about a problem. @jsewell7174. But welcome anyway. Start a new topic, unless you have been in an email support thread. We’ll try to help.

I would caution about saying it is the same problem. You seem to have been able to finish connecting the Glowforge to your wifi. Does it show online? It doesn’t seem like @jcgange3122 has even been able to finish the full setup routine.


Yes thanks again


I’m sorry you ran into trouble during setup. I extracted the logs from your Glowforge, and it looks like your unit connected to our servers yesterday evening and you were able to start printing. That’s great! If you run into any other trouble, please start a new thread. Or, if you’d rather email us, you can do so at support@glowforge.com.