Will engraving on anodized aluminum damage the laser?

I’d like to laser engrave a flat piece of anodized aluminum, but I’ve heard that the reflectivity of the aluminum once engraved could damage the laser. Is this true with the Glowforge? I’ve seen people engraving MacBooks and other anodized aluminum objects, so I guess this is more a question of “should you” than “can you”

Not sure where you “heard” it but that’s totally incorrect.

There are many excellent example of engraving on anodized aluminum, as well as marking on other metals here.


There are Proofgrade settings for MacBooks. Anodized aluminum engraves nicely.


Here in GF Land we’ve been told that copper should be avoided, anodized aluminum is great for lasering!

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Dyed (colored) anodized aluminum isn’t a problem. Bare aluminum won’t show a mark and does have a higher reflectivity, closer to that of copper. So as long as the dye is still present in the anodized layer you are fine. For bare aluminum you will need to use a marking material and that should eliminate the reflectivity issue.


Anyone know the best settings for the GF to engrave in aluminum metal for plaques?

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There are lots of posts about setting for aluminum, but you will have to test for your particular material and file. Here is a good thread to start your reading: Settings for engraving anodized aluminum?


Please look in this thread 5 messages above mine…:upside_down_face: