Will my Glowforge work in Europe?


We are planning to move to Spain and need to decide if we can take our Glowforge with us. My question is if the Glowforge is locked to 120V or if it will operate on 240V? I also wonder about how the app will function if it detects my IP is in another country.

Please let us know what issues we may have.


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The Glowforge has a auto switching power supply. So it supports 120V/240V. You just have to get the appropriate plug for the region you plan to be in.

The UI and the unit does not care where it’s operating from as long as you have the proper credentials (login/password).


Thanks for the answer. That’s great news. Sounds like all we have to do is get it there safely.


I would verify this from someone else, but it is my understanding that shipping overseas is very expensive. So at a minimum, maybe order spare parts before you leave (that pesky black cable and more) and if you like proof grade maybe a good stash of that too.


Nothing like an Expat and their Laser!

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Thanks, @karaelena, you are correct. Glowforge is designed for world voltages from 100-240 VAC, 50/60hz. On the back is a female connector like those used on the back of desktop PCs (IEC 60320-C14). Fortunately, a compatible cord or plug can be purchased from local stores inexpensively. Simply request a Desktop PC (IEC 60320-C14) cord.

Also, don’t move your Glowforge by hand without reinstalling the important red and orange bits. If you’re moving it by anything other than hand-carrying it, you’ll need to repack it in the original foam and box according to the instructions in the manual at glowforge.com/manual. The Glowforge packaging, including the important red and orange bits, is critical to help keep your Glowforge safe when it’s moved. We do have customers who move their Glowforge units regularly but use care: any damage from transportation after your Glowforge has been delivered isn’t covered by the warranty.

@sarjanlong I hope your move to Spain goes well. I am going to close this thread but please reach out to support@glowforge.com or open a new thread if you have any other questions.