Will not cut through after cleaning / recalibrating

Had my glowforge less than a week. Will not cut through after only my second time using the machine. I have tried to cleaning everything and recalibrating the machine. Tried the GOGM on GF PG material on default settings. Nothing helped. What else could cause this

Can you take a couple more (closer) pictures of the tube on the right side of the machine and post them here?

Hmmmm…I’m not sure that’s the solution…do you see any cracks in the tube? Or a pocket of air?
I thought I saw what looked like one in your first tube picture up top, but the lower pictures look okay to me. It might have just been a reflection in the first picture.

Sorry that might have been unnecessary. :confused:

As soon as support can take a look at your logs they might be able to see something. In the meantime, you can check the mirror to make sure it’s not damaged or there is any melting inside the head. Instructions for checking the mirror are shown below. Let them know if you see any damage. (And take a picture.) (Sorry).

Matter of fact, checking all the optical components probably isn’t a bad idea:

Anyway, hope that helps to eliminate some potential problem spots.

That’s fine lol. I don’t see any cracks or bubbles. I set it up and haven’t moved it or bumped it. And like I said it was working perfect for my first 4 cuts then just quit cutting and only cut like a quarter of my last design

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Okay, I just added a couple of tests to my last post in case you missed it…next things to check.

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Make sure your lens isn’t upside-down. There’s a tiny arrow engraved on the side of it that shows you which side goes up.

So you marked this thread as solved, which means you no longer need support with this problem?

What solved the issue? I’ve not seen incomplete prints being an easy fix, it’s usually something in the machine like firmware or power supply (which requires replacement.)

It’s not solved. Don’t know how I marked it. I am able to cut through some things turning the speed way down. Can’t cut anything too thin tho because it just burns the wood and breaks. Hoping support will get with me soon

Check that your lens isn’t upside-down. It sure sounds like it might be.

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I’m having the same issues , not cutting all the way thru and also error with pg. I’ve only had it since Friday evening 2/29/20 and finally got it set up late Friday and did good measure gift with no issues. Saturday I did several cuts with no issues but on Sunday got the pg error and then not cutting it all the way thru. Somebody help. Not happy.

You’ll need to open your own support ticket by creating a new post here in Problems and Support. There can only be one customer per support ticket. :slight_smile:

ok Thanks

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I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.

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