Will not Measure with or with out crumb tray. Second Questions is about passthrough

When I attempt to measure and set focus on any material thicker that 1/8 in I get message that it will not measure. If thicker I remove the crumb tray and still no luck. I have avoided doing thicker items and now I’m loosing out on potential sales. The other issue why is it advertised that it will take up to 2" but nothing it said that it will not go through the pass through? I had customer wanting something longer and a 3/4" wont even fit through the pass through.

The Pro Passthrough slot on the pro is 3/8 in (0.9 cm) high but is designed in concert with the tray to work best with materials up to 1/4 in (0.6 cm) thick.

I’m not sure why it won’t measure anything up to .5 inches on the crumb tray. The machine can only measure the distance between the laser head and the top of the crumb tray. That is .5 inches. If you remove the crumb tray and put in something less than 1.4 inches (approx thickness of the crumb tray) without propping it up until the surface is within that .5 inch distance then that won’t measure either.
As for the pass through, those parameters are in the specs of the machine. That is one of the reasons I never bothered purchasing one with a pass through. I would have considered it had that been .5 inch at least.

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I agree on the passthrough. I was very disappointed about this since most of my work is for outdoors and I use 1" material minimum. As for the focus I get the same issue when using 1" material. It will not measure or focus on it. Any other suggestions as why it will not focus on a 1" object?


I will try a different shimming process and see it it might help. I will try different thicknesses again and see if it works. Thank you all for the responses.

The surface to engrave must be within the 1/2" focus area of the Glowforge. Therefore, it must be between 1.5" and 2" from the floor of the Glowforge.

What is your thicker material that won’t measure? Clear or black materials can confuse the camera.

With 1 inch material you have to remove the crumb tray and shim up the material by at least 1/2 inch but less than 1 inch in order to get the surface inside the 1/2 inch range of the laser. Then use “set focus”.

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I know it’s not as good as a thicker passthrough, but if having just one thicker passthrough slot would let you do the projects you wanted to do, you can have that: open the front door of the machine and you have like a 4" passthrough slot or however big that door is. Normally the Glowforge will not let you start a job until you close the door, but if you tape some magnets over the sensors where the door’s magnets would normally be, it’ll think it’s closed. Use this information at your own risk…


:rofl: Now you’ve done it…


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