Using "set focus" with material over .5" (No tray)


I’ve seen this question come up a few times recently and wanted folks to get the newest info. The new “set focus” feature has really changed things for working with thick material!

If you have something over .5" to put in your GF there’s no longer a need for complicated math or tray calculations. All you HAVE to do is make sure your materiel reaches above the height of the tray and is the cutting range and the GF will do the rest.

Here’s what to do…

  • Remove the tray
  • For material taller than 1.4", place it on the floor of the GF
  • For material less than 1.4", place it on something that raises it above 1.4", but is still under 2". (See the handy tool file below to make this fool proof.)
  • Push the “set focus” button in the GUI and the GF will set the correct height.
  • That’s it! Now you can push the magic blue button.

@dwardio made a handy tool to help you determine if your material is in the cutting range when not using the tray.
( No-Math Focus Ruler

Engraving Larger Depths (Removing crumb tray)

Just a reminder for folks to never to put something inside the Glowforge that will exceed a height of about 0.6" with the crumbtray or 2" without the crumbtray. The air assist fan under the laser tube will hit the material and may completely dislodge the gantry from the rails.


And mind the magnets, too!


Kind of you to do the write-up and illustration to help others!


Thanks, I hadn’t realized what a game changer the set focus is!


Makes me wish I did things that required me to yank my tray more often. The list of features I don’t have is starting to become the list of features I don’t use enough!