Will the GF be powerful enough to cut laser foil?



Thanks in advance!



Do you use that like a veneer?


I think (im not sure) that you apply it on the wood (or whatever) and engrave around what you want to keep and then peel the rest off. I’m not sure.


based on the laserbits settings I would say yes. Glowforge shouldn’t have an issue with it at all.



Fantastic! Thank you! I wasn’t sure. :slight_smile:


Sure, thanks for pointing out this product, I’ll have to order some.


No prob! I was excited when I saw it!


… like a mask? Clearly I have more quality time with Google coming.



Thank you!


Thank goodness for sped-up replay…

This is going to get FUN. Thank you for showing me it exists.


I cringed watching her lay down the foil, pulling off all the backing and laying it down the way she did with all those air bubbles. Totally not the way I would have done it.


Hmm… @madebynick might have something he can share.


From one of the tech tips pages on engraving plastic laminates (which is what I think laser foil essentially is):

“Clean the motion system and optics after laser engraving or cutting. The smoke residue
from this material can stick to bearings and optics.”

Is this something we should worry about?



We tested some laser foil last week with great results. When used on a contrasting surface such as a dark wood, it’s very effective. The ‘look’ is not to dissimilar to hot foil stamping, although due to it’s thickness and the way it is adhered, I’m not confident that you could use these laser foils on a surface that will be flexed during use. For contrasty details, name tags, faux brass inlays, and similar, this stuff would be perfect!


Fantastic! Thank you for the info @madebynick ! Any advice on the: [quote=“fan-of-glowforge, post:14, topic:1634”]
The smoke residuefrom this material can stick to bearings and optics."



I haven’t noticed any problems using these foils although we’ve only done some quick limited tests so far


Okay cool! Thank you!!


We’ve been having too much fun playing with foils. :smiley:

Here is something I have been working on the Glowforge this morning:

A mixed material votive using wood, foil and frosted acrylic.

You can engrave it away, or vector cut it away. So far I have had more success with the foil staying on with the engraving, but its early days of testing. :slight_smile:


Very nice!
Thanks for sharing your creativity, and experience with the material. That spiffy headphone rack your work too?