Will the Glowforge have a security port?



I was thinking about theft and security. Some laptops have a security port to attach a cable or some other type of lock. Will there be some way to lock down the Glowforge? I know some will be used in education or industrial settings where they will want to secure them. Go :glowforge: - Rich


I believe what you’re referring to is a port for a kensington cable lock. I asked that @ Makerfaire. I got blank looks. And from the pictures we’ve gotten to date- Does not look like it has one.


Yeah, I kinda knew that already, but I thought I would ask, in case something was planned. Thanks. - Rich


Might have a unique digital identifier. If it’s stolen, might be able to report it stolen to Glowforge thereby removing it useless.


This post has reaffirmed in my mind that I need to workout. Because I was thinking no one is going to steal something that weighs 70 lbs.

And that’s not accurate at all.


Yes, they said something about reporting it stolen and them turning it into a very large paper weight. - Rich


No single person will… incredibly awkward to even lift with one person.


I was hoping to prevent it from being stolen at all…to make it too difficult to remove it. - Rich


I’ve heard that couches are starting to come with security ports now to avoid people casually grabbing them and walking off. It’s such a sad world we live in, I blame the millennials.


Yup, there’s go my criminal career. I’m clearly not cutout to be a mastermind.


I’d love to see the coat designed to shoplift a GF. Or maybe a large perambulator.


I hate to say it, but one guy can lift 70 lbs when he has the adrenaline pumping from alarms going off after putting a brick through a window. This type of guy will not be careful of the laser-head, and won’t care if he scratches, bumps, or mishandles the machine. He could also, presumably, have shears or cable-cutters.
If there are two guys… well this atm machine was gone in 36 seconds. If the two guys have a truck and you are at street level…
an atm is heavier than a glowforge.
I once had a sweet minibike stolen from the parking garage. Found scattered chunks of the steel boat-anchor chain I had used to secure it to a cement column. Cops said “Liquid Nitrogen”.

Locks are a deterrent, but won’t stop a dedicated thief.


As a network device it will have it’s own, unique, MAC address


Unfortunately no security port for a lock. It is, as noted, very unsubtle to transport though. :slight_smile:


I blame the millennials.

I’ll have you know our parent’s basements are quite happily furnished, thank you.


Unfortunately someone only needs to lift 55lbs of GF (but large and awkward). In my city, teams drive around in pickups and look for open garages. When they find one with nobody around, they run in an take as many power tools as they can find. It takes seconds and they’re gone. Lawnmowers, saws, drill presses…GFs…everything. That’s why I want to figure out some way to lock it down and make it too difficult to grab. Go :glowforge: - Rich


You should be able to rig up something with aircraft cable (twisted stainless steel) thru the rails under the GF that would be non-destructive & non-intrusive to the case which could be wrapped around the bench or locked to something.

I don’t know about the love affair with Kensington laptop cables and the security ports on machines for them. It’s a rather small connector and a quick slide & twist of a Stanley handy bar and the thing pops out (it does chew up the locking port but it’s really not very secure).


Good idea. I will look into that when I get my Forge.

Yeah, they are not very good, even for laptops. I have run the gamut of ideas…including steel chain with expansion bolts in the concrete floor with welded steel straps around the GF (chuckle!). I do tend to get carried away…I actually live in a very safe neighborhood with near zero crime. Go :glowforge:

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I lost an air compressor once that way… sad part is it was my dad’s, not mine.


That pickup gang is nasty… I think this is what you need: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KiOQMwlAsYg