Will the head camera be used to help with XY registration?

Working thread title: What will the head camera do?

I could make this question much longer and more drawn out by including context and quotes and speculation and links, but I’ll just skip all that and be blunt…

Will the head camera be used to aid in XY registration?

OK, a tiny bit of context…
It seems like that was the plan from the beginning “Macro Camera — Able to view one square inch with resolution of 0.002” (0.05mm)” but as far as I’m aware, we have not seen even a single image of this obviously useful functionality being demonstrated.


We will use it for pro passthrough & flipover, UV barcode detection, and more later. Right now we use it for autofocus, but making it work for autofocus solves an enormous set of problems that makes it available for use in many other things too. Stay tuned.


Like curved surface measurement in support of lid camera image correction, I hope!


Hmmm…this just keeps getting better and more mysterious…thanks @dan. Go :glowforge: - Rich


Hmm, I can almost see a head design with dual cameras and a local processor to speed up focus, and allow for some additional creative processing (hint: both cameras don’t have to be the same).


Similar thoughts… I could see the 5MP camera eventually upgraded to 8MP, or an Intel RealSense camera (which includes regular camera, infrared camera and laser projector [for field mapping]) eventually going there.

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I’m scared that you grouped these together while the rest were comma-separated. Are you saying flipover will be Pro only? I didn’t think that was supposed to be the case.

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I’m sure you won’t feel comfortable unless Dan answers but it has always been listed in the Technical Specs:

Thickness: Varies by material; can cut most 1/4″ (6mm) plywood and acrylic on one side; twice as thick by reversing and cutting from both sides with optical alignment.

Passthrough slot allows the use of material that’s up to 1/4″ (6.3mm) high, up to 20” (50.8cm) wide, and as long as desired
Passthrough software uses the camera to maintain alignment as long material is pushed through

Never any suggestion that double sided printing will be anything other than part of the Basic package.


Should that be part of the Pro package?

The double sided printing is both Basic and Pro. Found the quote from Sept 2015.


Nah. I’m happy with that. :slight_smile:
Just made me nervous that it was grouped like that.


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My bad! Flipover is basic + pro.