Will the manual be available publicly?



I.e. Before we commit to buying a Glowforge?


It will be when the first person who receives their Forge scans and posts it.


Scans it using the forge, perhaps?

Use the forge!


I imagine the manual will come in both print and electronic forms. But I could be totally wrong about that.

  • Tom


Electronic form only for me. It’s thorough but not overly large. First step in unboxing is open/read manual’ to learn safety info and setup instructions.


Yeah… It’s sad that things don’t come with print manuals anymore. For some reason I expected Glowforge might be different in that respect. But I’m not surprised. I find print to be most useful up front, and electronic way better for reference.

  • Tom


My experience may not be what everyone else gets. Since there are still things to finalize it doesn’t make sense to have a print at this time.


Well, I guess we’re going to have to get the Russians to hack it and get it to us. :laughing:


I shouldn’t laugh at this…:smile:


Sure! You’re exactly right. But it is a huge cost savings to not print. So I wouldn’t blame them!


Hmmmm…maybe etching the most important passages on marble :wink:


Writ in fire and passed down from the mount…

(…I’m actually seeing some parallels here…scary…)


The manual is copyright Glowforge, which is why @marmak3261 can’t share it. It’s still going through a lot of refinements, so we’re not publishing it yet. No promises but I’d like to get it to folks sooner rather than later.

After discussing with our safety team, we decided to make it digital-only because if we discover something that needs to be corrected, like an incorrect safety instruction, we want to be able to update it immediately for everyone.


You need an IoT dongle with one of those old-style mission impossible destruct capsules so that old paper versions will automagically disappear. Because nothing could go wrong with that.


Would be good to have a way to highlight any changes after initial release.




Not exactly how it might be done electronically, but in a previous life in Public Safety, any time the Standard Operating Procedures or Standing Orders changed, the new ones (besides being dated with the new date and revision number) came out on a new color of paper so that it stood out.


Man… You really do have your head in the cloud, huh. :wink: It sounds like this, like the Glowforge software itself, will be online only? Available for download I hope? For offline viewing?

  • Tom


Don’t know yet, but agree that would be handy.