Will the rubber band drone design ever come to the catalog?

The drone in the video basically sold me on the GF. I thought a year ago it was established that the design would be available in the catalog. Will it ever be available?


They said it will. But there’s still a number of things that haven’t shown up yet. :frowning:

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We plan to!


Here is a question I completely forgot about until now.
If we have the designs from the video free of charge are they only for personal use? What happens if we wanted to use them for commercial use?

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Great question - they’re under the “unlimited personal use” catalog license. We’ve talked about making commercial licenses available but, so far, don’t have one.

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Not exactly on topic, but in the catalog, I see a wallet design that I’d have to buy but I don’t see the wallet from the Glowforge video. the wallet was my favorite part of the video so I would be disappointed if I don’t get a free wallet design.

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They have assured us that all the designs from the video will be provided. About 10% of the current catalog is made up of “video” items and the rest will be added when ready.

cool, cool. :slight_smile:

Yes - the wallet currently in the catalog is different from the one in the video, both in design/structure & in decor (no map).

So, is there any update on whether GF users would be able to get permission to sell items made using patterns from the Design Catalog?

I’d have to find the link but @dan mentioned a while back there are no restrictions on commercial sale of products made from the single-use license/print. Commercial sale is not allowed under the terms of the unlimited print license.

Side note. One of the things that fascinated me so much and made me decide to purchase the Glowforge, was your description of making the wallet. I had tried my hand at leather working in the past (with only the most basic of tools) so I understood the trials. Since receiving the Glowforge I’ve been so busy with orders (plaque plates and items made from maple ply or draft board mostly), that I haven’t even had time to play with leather yet. But I’m incredibly happy with it, by the end of the year I hope to be getting a second machine, then saving up to run all my equipment off a solar/wind array I have planned. Thanks again for pioneering this precision machine with ease of use as such a high priority. I’m so happy I didn’t have to spend any of my time and money on CAD classes. And thank you for recommending Inkscape, it’s wonderful for 2D once you get a feel for it.


Terrific, I’m so glad to hear!

Are the drone plans available?


Not yet.

It was based on a drone body that was discontinued shortly after it was made (the Iris from 3D robotics, as I recall) so it’s a major project to re-implement it. On the todo list though!

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