Will there ever be

Does Glowforge ever plan on releasing a series of short How To videos for newbies like myself.
I am not unfamiliar with basic graphic design and design software for cutting (not laser) machines so I thought I’d grasp this GF stuff a lot easier than I am.
I’m a video learner, so all these documents about rastors and vectors are not helping lol
How do I etch?
When creating a design on inkspace, what do I do to the design that tells what needs cut and what I want etched? Just color? So gray would be etch, black would be cut?
Is SVG the best format to use?
I’m sure many more questions will arise but it’d be amazing customer assistance to provide short videos of the basics for us laser dummies :slight_smile:

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Already got 'em. :smile:


Thanks. I was hoping I was just overlooking it! Will check these out asap

We would love to do more too!

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Rustle up a style guide and a process for submitting proposed scripts, and I bet minions on the forums will do it for some proofgrade… You approve the script, video sent in to someone who looks it over on the staff side… if you like what you see, the PG bounty gets paid…?

You could even have a bounty board for tutorials and videos you want, and you know people would jump on it.

Of course, you lose a little control over branding that way – you don’t want my goofy face being the first thing new users see! IDK, maybe a terrible idea :wink:


@Jules gets my vote. She has been inspirational in her support. Perhaps @evansd2, @marmak3261, and @Jules could be the “Triad of Training.” (…and the title comes with a raise and parking spaces! ) :sunglasses:


Oh yeep! No that wouldn’t work at all. I’m incredibly camera shy. Won’t even let my mom snap holiday pics. :wink:


That’s what all the WPP* folks say. They don’t want to be recognized :wink:

(*Wildthing Protection Program)


While there are quite a few basic tutorials in the Tips and Tricks and even in the online manual, I appreciate that folks like the video tutorial method. I’ve been thinking about this. I have a few videos posted, but nothing absolute beginner for these basic concepts. There are a few out there though.

In Inkscape a line/path with a defined stroke color and width (which can be any width) will default to a cut. No way at the moment to make a default score that I can see from within Inkscape, although there has to be some magic incantation since Glowforge’s SVGs do this.

A closed shape with no defined path outline but with a defined color defaults to an engrave.

The choice of color determines the default order of operations, depending on its hex value of RGB.

Engraving operations default first, then cuts.

Can’t process text that hasn’t been converted to paths.

I’ll poke around on YouTube and see what folks have uploaded and look at our tutorials and see if there is something I might contribute.

In the meanwhile, ask away for help. I’ll do my best.


I don’t see why they wouldn’t go for it. They’ve crowdsourced quite a few other things so far. And I think you’re really on to something here.