Will We get our referral kickback before it ships? I'd like to upgrade to pro but will need those funds. maybe option to apply them to an upgrade?

Do we have any word on when the referral money will be coming back to us or if we can directly apply that to an upgrade. I’d like to spend the $1,500 to upgrade from basic to pro but wont be able to afford that unless I can use that referral money for it.

I’m sure it’s going to be a refund once the cards are charged; they’re not going to give you a kickback unless somebody completes an order - if they cancel or payment is otherwise unable to complete, you won’t get credit for it.

Are people seeing referrals in their accounts? Will this be fixed before the units ship (for basically the same reason as @sirus20x6)?

You will be refunded for referrals when your unit ships. I think it’s stated on the website somewhere but Dan has also mentioned that in the forums. You might be able to find it with a search. I can confirm that my card has already been charged and the people I referred have already been charged and there has been no credit.

Confirmed - we can’t trigger refunds until units ship because the people you referred can request refunds up until then.

Wait does that mean we have to ship with the latest referrer in our family tree? Or do they get moved up to when our unit would ship? If so I could see a big rush to join the children of order #1.

I’m guessing you receive your referral funds when the last of your referrals receives their Glowforge. Don’t think their’s gonna be any changing in the order of deliveries. It would be ridiculous to shove people up and down the waiting list.

@dan Given GF’s cancellation policy, applying the credits after units actually ship makes perfect sense. I was just wondering if we will know about even potential credits before then, i.e. is the thermometer dead? I would like to upgrade, but would like to know if how much referral credit I have before doing so - even if that credit isn’t guaranteed until those units ship as they may still cancel.

In short, is there a way to see referral credits?

If you click on Refer at the top of the main site page, you should get a chart that shows you. Alternately, search your email for “glowforge referral confirmation” and just count how many you’ve got. :V

Ok well then can I apply that refund amount to an upgrade and then pay the difference? Or can I just get a notification when the last referral ships, before mine ships, so I can log in and upgrade from basic to pro? I would even be ok with waiting until the second round ships if need be.

I get your point. I will see if there’s something we can do when we are close to shipping so you could apply your refund to an upgrade.

@jrnelson Is your “thermometer” working? These were down, and there hasn’t been an update, so I was just curious as to whether or not this had been fixed.

Yessir. Pretty sure that’s fixed. You can also just search your email as I mentioned to be sure; I know I’m getting those.

Not that I’m making much headway on my referrals so far, it would be nice if the additional taxes and duties I will have to pay upon entry into Canada reflect any discount earned.

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