Wilton Candy Melts?

Long story short, I’m required to put candy melts in the laser, a la the promo video. We will not be eating the end result.
I know it’s a long shot, but does anyone have an idea of where to start on cut settings?
I’ve made a mold that will give me a consistent 3mm sheet.

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So the trick here is that they actually ended up making a mold and molding the chocolate instead of cutting it.

As for settings I’d recommend using my testing method to figure them out.


Ditto what @evansd2 said. I would be very interested to hear what ends up working as well!

They did cut it - just not the one she ate:

That being said - see if this helps:

Obs not the same chocolate, but it’ll get you into the area!

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I don’t recall seeing anyone ever cut food, other than the promo video, just engrave it.

Pick something and try it, ready to lift the lid and douse any fire with a wet dish towel.

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Gingerbread cuts at full power, speed between 105-150 depending on how thick it is. Gumpaste was full power, speed somewhere between 125 on the thicker side to 150 on the thinner side. It doesn’t melt as fast as chocolate though, so I would think probably higher speeds with full power might do it.