Wine Bottle Gift Box


I made this wine bottle gift box, they didn’t really sell very well at the craft faire but I figured you guys might like the files so that you can cut your own.


I think they look great. You’re always so generous with your files. Thank you


I like all three of the designs. They would make an average bottle of wine seem special. Thanks so much for sharing your designs. You are very generous.


Thanks! Can’t account for taste they look great to me. Too funny about the fairy lights :rofl:


Thank you, your gift of the files is appreciated. I do like the idea of the lights (envisioning a row of them with different designs all lit).


Your gift is magnanimous. True to form for you. :sunglasses:


Thank you so much for your generosity! It’s so nice to hear from you again.


Thank you so very much!! They’re lovely! Especially like the center design.


These are gorgeous - thank you!


Oh, and just in time for the holiday season! Thanks for sharing again Martin! :grinning:


Love your designs! Thanks so much for the generous download!


Thank you for the file! To be sure I did not miss anything, we create our own designs on the box, right? I opened the file and see the outline for the box itself, but not the designs shown in the picture.

Thanks again for your generosity!


Thank you kindly for the files! I’ll definitely use these for the holidays.


We had citywide open Studios this weekend and I don’t go there with any real intention of selling much but I didn’t do so badly. What does surprise me all the time is what sells vs what I think should sell. I can’t account for customer taste :yum:

Thanks for the download - good for a family gift although my wife is one if those “fairy lights” people :slightly_smiling_face:


Yeah, it’s the mechanism that’s the tricky part, the fretwork designs were simple and people round here are far more artistic than I am :slight_smile:


Those are lovely. I’ll see if I can sell a couple next weekend. (Will let you know.)

THANK YOU for being so generous with your files.


Just want to drop a gentle reminder that the files @m_raynsford shares from their site are licensed (CC BY-NC 4.0) and as such may not be used for commercial purposes.


It’s actually interestingly vague about what non commercial means in this situation.
Obviously I’m not going to be pleased to find people selling my files and (as we all saw before) trying to run a kickstarter with a completely unmodified version of my item is definitely out.
I’m not sure how it applies to derivative work based on my files though. I’m also happy to state that I’m not going to chase anyone down for cutting and selling things locally. It’s literally just internet sales that are a no no, and that is often negotiable.


I would never sell someone’s files, not even one’s I’ve purchased. (Nor even give them away… I’d send others to a post where they could get them for themselves, but I would only distribute my files.)

My apologies if you’d prefer I did not sell finished pieces. Kind of thought that’d be allowed as you mentioned they didn’t sell well for you. Also, the files are more templates because they do not include your ‘lattice’ designs. Just let me know what you prefer.

Again, I appreciate your generosity. Even as personal use your files hold significant value!


I have no problem with you selling finished pieces, just not my exact designs online is all.

Sell my things locally all you like or make it your own and sell it online, both are perfectly acceptable.