Wine Bottle Gift Box


That is very generous, thank you for clarifying.

Not that I have ever sold anything yet, where does the time go…


Really delightful - I love the combination of living hinge with strong square edges.


I would love to see how you displayed your beautiful Wine bottle gift boxes. If I was doing it I would have an empty bottle inside one of the boxes like you have pictured and another empty bottle outside one of the boxes next to a wine glass. Sometime you really have to make it obvious what the item for sale is used for. Maybe have a small picture frame next to the wine box with a note saying that you can place orders for custom boxes etc…


I ran out of time and didn’t get any made. Probably would have sold well as my simple “wine caddies” sold out. (the flat pieces that hold two glasses)


still learning how these templates work… if i download this what are the presets for it? I’m still learning how to tell inkscape the size of my material and not sure how the sizing is set on this template and worried ill mess it up cause the tabs won’t be the right depth…


Used your design to whip up a quick x-mas gift for a friend’s daughter who always complained as a kid that her name wasn’t available on keychains and other stuff you find at gas stations and such. Now she is an adult, and she’ll have her own personalized wine caddy with her name all over it. Thanks again for the file.


Thanks for sharing. You inspired me to come up with my own flavor.


That’s lovely and well done for sharing the design back again


Your boxes are beautiful.


Just got my glowforge. Could you tell me how to get the file for this? I right click and download but its just the photo, not the file to cut. I love this & we are wine drinkers!!


Click the link, not right click. That will take you to his site where there is another link to the SVG files. This is where you can right-click. :slight_smile:


got it!! Thank you very much! These are beautiful!


I downloaded this but i cant figure out how to cut this. When i bring this into the glowforge it is too big. Would you mind letting me know what i need to do. TIA


I think that I imported into Illustrator first, and then re-saved the SVG file so that it would fit onto 2 sheets of proofgrade. You made have to so something similar, or delete some of the pieces in the Glowforge UI to make it fit. I don’t think that it cuts on one piece of wood.


no it wont cut on one piece. Makes me sad but i guess i just cant make one. I just thought that would make an awesome wedding gift.


Are you saying that you don’t know how to split it up, or it’s not working for another reason? I guess I’m confused, as this totally fits on 2 pieces of proofgrade.


Im sorry. No i dont know how to split it up.


I will help you get this sorted out. Check you inbox.


what do you mean my inbox? im sorry i am like brand new to this.


I brought it into inkscape and will try to work with it in there. Thank you very much & thank you for the beautiful file.