Wine Bottle Gift Box


That is very generous, thank you for clarifying.

Not that I have ever sold anything yet, where does the time go…


Really delightful - I love the combination of living hinge with strong square edges.


I would love to see how you displayed your beautiful Wine bottle gift boxes. If I was doing it I would have an empty bottle inside one of the boxes like you have pictured and another empty bottle outside one of the boxes next to a wine glass. Sometime you really have to make it obvious what the item for sale is used for. Maybe have a small picture frame next to the wine box with a note saying that you can place orders for custom boxes etc…


I ran out of time and didn’t get any made. Probably would have sold well as my simple “wine caddies” sold out. (the flat pieces that hold two glasses)


still learning how these templates work… if i download this what are the presets for it? I’m still learning how to tell inkscape the size of my material and not sure how the sizing is set on this template and worried ill mess it up cause the tabs won’t be the right depth…