[WIRED] How Lasers Work, According to the World's Top Expert

Nerd out, people.


Yeah, 10 to the 29 watts per square centimeter - the Schwinger limit. Far out of my paygrade, but fascinating physics.


I think i watched like 4 or so of these back to back. Theyre pretty interesting. Its nice to hear the higher level discussions.

I have noticed however that they dont tend to get more detailed and technical as they move to more experienced individuals, they just pick a relevant tangent and go off on it. It would be cool if they dove down into the hardcore science behind it. Thats where I was hoping to get some interesting tidbits, but instead went into more of a theoretical pursuit direction.

Still great. Thanks for sharing. I also am now very aware of jack daniels and their age and shape superlatry



(not really very informative)

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